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Written by Ashley

Graduation Day!  An excuse to celebrate the years of turmoil, tests, and late night adderol ridden cramming library sessions that gave each graduate that G.P.A. to be (kinda) proud of.

What are the perfect gifts for that goober of a hard-working, hungover, ready for the real-world gal or lady? Here are few of my favs:

For the goober emotional graduating gal whose most played jam on her iPod is headed up by “Friends Forever” by Vitamin C:

Memory Maker and  Ashley B.

These stretchy bracelets (or anklets if you’re feelin’ frisky) are avail in silver, gold, with the ability to add in pictures by Memory Maker, and plenty of other little inspirational little charms that are sure to make your graduate melt in her cap & gown. These would be an awesome best-friends bracelet, for all of your besties headed off to far parts of the world for college, or for your college roommates as a reminder of those funtime college years as they head off into the real world.  And an awesome gift from parents or siblings on that big day! Plus, they’re called Bandz Bracelets and Photo Bandz, and I’m a sucker with anything that ends in a “Z”.

"Peace" Bandz Bracelet by Ashley B. $7 at
 Ashley B. $6 at

For the kinda nerdy, but ready to drink lots of beer in college, or lots of beer in midtown for happy hour around the corner from his finance job:

Scrabble® Tile Cuff Links by Eco Artware:

Because every man needs cufflinks, they’re made from recycled & re-used material, and Scrabble rules.

Scrabble Cufflinks $80 at
Scrabble Cufflinks $80 at

And for every kind of graduate (read person)- cash never hurts.

Congratulations, Graduates!

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