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Giveaway Spotting: Text-Friendly Arm Warmers

Written by Tanner

Win It: iHeartArmWarmers Cashmere Coziness!

Wait! I swear I didn’t mean to send that text – it’s autocorrect’s fault! Ever get so caught up in the moment of writing an oh-so-important text about how delicious your feces, I mean “cesar” salad is, that you sent a REALLY embarrassing/funny text?! Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s even harder to text, not to mention accurately. Luckily, your friends here at TheLuxurySpot are looking out for you and all of your texting needs, and are offering up iHeartArmWarmers in this week’s giveaway, so your fingers will stay warm, look stylish, and be free to text in confidence!


Comment below, tweet us, post on our Facebook, or over Walkie Talkie: tell us what the funniest or most embarrassing auto correct texting mishap you ever texted somebody, and you could be 1 of 5 lucky winners to get to choose your very own iHeartArmWarmers arm warmer of your choice ($32-$58 value) that will free up your fingers so this won’t happen to you!

Arm warmers are stylish AND practical. They allow you to do the most important things in life: text, type, drive, and snap photos, all while keeping your arms warm and cozy. I HEART ARM WARMERS are eco-friendly and all one-of-a-kind. These cozy arm warmers are made by craftsmen in the USA using up-cycled high end sweaters in the finest quality knits – literally, so hot right now!

Up your chances to win by following @HeartArmWarmers on Twitter, and β€˜like’ IHeartArmWarmers and TheLuxurySpot on Facebook!


About the author


Tanner is a cool cat from Alaska who left the arctic in search of the hot fashion scene in NYC. He stays hydrated in the heat drinking coconut flavored anything and warm in the cold by cocooning himself in layers of his hand knit scarves. His current obsession? Mixing his drink with equal parts of Diet Sierra Mist and the Dolly Parton station on Pandora


  • “Can you underline the max stop and get my wifey the wind breaker game?” It was voice-to-text autocorrected – the text was supposed to say “Can you look under my bag and get my white puffy wind breaker thing?”

  • “I need to sell these socks already!!” Was supposed to say STOCKS! Needless to say the recipient was a bit confused… Lol

  • No autocorrect misshaps, but I have talked shit about someone, and on accident sent it to the person I was talking about. Oops.

  • Haven’t made any mistakes on the auto correct that I am aware of, but I did accidentally send my son’s football coach a text to “grab some beer and be ready to get down tonight” when it was suppose to go to my hubby. hahaha!

  • of course I already like and follow theluxuryspot on fb and twitter πŸ™‚ I’d love to win these! They are so neat! I’m due for something neat in my life… hahaha! I’m starting to become to soccer-mommish… JUST KIDDING!

  • AWWWW! How cute!!!! Speaking of “AWWW”… everytime I type this into my iPhone, it automatically changes the word to “sewer.” This has definitely causes some awkward moments…. πŸ™‚

  • Okay I tweeted a little joke sethjodyJODY GRIFFIN

    Ok I want a pair of iHeartArmWarmers so bad I hope I get picked like a booger hanging oh so low!! LOL @luxuryspot

    15 seconds agoFavoriteReplyDelete

    But something that I really need is a way to keep my hands warm. Maybe that way I won’t mistext cause my fingers are to cold to work right!! I know without fail everytime me and my fingers get a chill I can never text right. Wrong buttons are hit like a big red light!!

  • i could really use these gloves because i just got the new iphone and my gloves dont work on it like they did on my old phone. i like you on facebook too

  • Not huge gaffs with autocorrect, but my phone used to just repeat old texts when I restarted it, so people would randomly get out-of-context things like “How could you!!!” three months later in the middle of the day. Caused a lot of tension.

  • i hate when this happens to me! the other day i was texting and told my friend “im stuck in the train” but it got autocorrected to ‘im stuck on the plane!” she called me in a panic! lol

  • For some reason I can’t type “going to get lunch”. I was texting my husband to tell him I was going to get lunch with a friend and instead I got auto-corrected to “going to KGB lunch with Laura.” After I figured out what I wrote, I was trying to correct myself and said I was “going to HIV lunch” and then “going to herb lunch”. I got it right on the 4th try. Please help me save my husband from necessary worry and confusion!

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