God Wants You to Wear These

Written by Bryce

Sometimes fashion calls for divine intervention.  I’m pleased to announce that God directed me to Dini’s for a pair of hamsa-adorned flip flops.  Obviously the guy upstairs knew that I needed something new, fun, and protective for summer.

I’ve been rocking Havaianas for several summers, but this will be my first that will have all the heeby goodness of a hamsa next to my toes.  My time in religious high school brings me back to a specific phrase I remember hearing by Maimonides, “sits in the dust of the feet of the sages”  …You’ll be considered a sage if you wear these kickass flip flops.



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  • I have never been “sage” as we say in French of a quiet and good kid, plus it would take more to convince me to jump on the Religion Wagon but you put such a nice twist to it, that it just might be convincing…to some 😉

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