France Declares Rooftops Must Have Solar Panels or Gardens

green rooftops in france
Written by Gary

France has passed a green rooftop law to create more solar power and urban gardens.

green rooftops in france

In an effort to keep up with more eco-friendly countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain, France has passed a ‘green rooftop’ law that states new buildings in commercial zones across France must be partially covered in either solar panels or plants. Rooftops must have solar panels or gardens, and we’re hoping this encourages a stateside trend.

Green rooftops benefit the urban environment by creating an insulating effect and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building. They also create green spaces for people to enjoy, which is something I think New Yorkers like myself can certainly appreciate. They also retain rainwater, which reduces runoff and drainage issues, and create small habitats for urban wildlife to live.

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Solar panels obviously create solar energy, and that’s good for biz. By “biz” I mean surviving life on this planet for another few generations.

I have to applaud France for taking this step in creating a more sustainable urban environment. Every time I look out on all the New York rooftops, I think about how much space is wasted, and how nice it would be to cover all that ugliness with nature.

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