Pop Star Comes Out by Having Sex with a Priest

A Norwegian pop star came out by simulating sex with a priest in his new video.

I am all for gay people going on their own personal journeys and coming out in their own ways, thus I can totally get behind (pun intended) Iranian-Norwegian pop star Tooji bursting out of the closet by having sex with a priest in his new music video.

Apparently the Church of Norway is totally pissed and called the video a desecration because Tooji simulated gay sex in front of an altar and an entire congregation of people. The Bishop of the church stated that his anger would still apply if the couple were straight, which I do believe since most of Europe is pretty damn progressive about all things homo.

Tooji released the following statement:

“I want to stand out as an example and let my┬ávoice be heard for all those voices mute, for all those who feel ashamed with their beliefs, that are told that God doesn’t accept them,” he said. “Let me tell you: You are a part of God and what you have is the purest gift. Any love between two grown-up, consenting adults — no matter gender, no matter race — is pure … I am gay and I stand up for my rights and that is why I made the video ‘Father.'”

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He left out the part about how this is a major publicity stunt, but I will forgive him because that priest is drop-dead gorge. Enjoy the show, kids.

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