Guess how much this necklace costs. No, really.

Written by Bryce

I’m a huge fan of big statement necklaces for a variety of reasons. The first, and foremost, is that statement jewelry allows you to have a fairly simple wardrobe that can be played up with a few key pieces. This past Friday night I had a semi-casual dinner to attend with friends (shoutout to Sarah, your mother in law’s stew was the, a late-as-usual husband to shove in the car, and a constantly hungry baby to play with. Simply put, I knew I had to wear an entirely machine washable outfit. How does one look chic in so much simple cotton, though? ACCESSORIES.

By the way, yes, I totally wore a v-neck tee, printed maxi skirt, wild Ralph Lauren heeling riding boots, and this don’t-even-try-to-mess-with-me piece of gorgeous metal around my neck. $55 for all this neck glory.

Ideas: pair it with a little black dress, jeans and a white silk blouse, a cobalt blue sweater dress, or a citrus-colored tunic. Or, just pair it with an infant wearing faux fur, as I did.

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