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Guest Bathroom Essentials

Written by Ashley

Although we appreciate it, hospitality during the holidays can turn ugly when it comes time to use the powder room.  Toxic levels of store-brand bar soaps & harsh dental products in the past have made me carry my own on-the-go what if i get too drunk to drive home and i have to pass out at this persons house kit.

My home on the holidays? That’s a different story. Those guests who blackout, or who just need a little something after the long drive through the woods, are gladly provided with the best of the best for their freshen-up sesh.


1.) Verde Hand & Body Collection [$45] at McEvoyRanch.com

McEvoy’s Ranch brought us the Hand Soap & Hand Collection from Verde 80 Acres. This set is awesome for a holiday gift, but can keep you stocked in the bathroom just the same.  Pleasant scent? Check. Infused with moisturizing organic extra virgin olive oil? Double Check!  Not to mention… this  demure packaging will slide perfectly in to your decor.

2.) Tom’s of Maine [$2.55 – $4.39] at

Tom’s of Maine is THE trusted name in natural drugstore beauty. No muss, fuss, or chemicals.   Maybe the unscented isn’t up to par for sharing with guests… but the ( Silly Strawberry flavor, duh) and ( Anti-cavity Whitening!) and will keep guests minty fresh, no matter what breath-defying food you serve.

3.) Functionalab DETOX Health Drops [$30 for 60 day supply] at Functionalab.com

NYLON Mag dubbed this stuff worthy of their ‘It Girl’ bag– perfect for the party girl who’s always on the go. Functionalab’s health drops are a quick and easy way to get yourself ready to ‘rock around the clock’, no matter what the ailment, and no pills necessary. Guests can drop one drop into a glad water or  juice, drink, and let the natural healthful detox flow. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter to stay in the know.

4.) AQUIESSE Portfolio Collection Soy Candles – $36 at Nordstrom.com

Soy candles with a potent kick, these will keep your bathroom smelling sweet and sensual without distributing any toxins in the air.   The packaging is luxurious & high end- just like your holiday should be. With eighteen scents to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something your guests will swoon over, but I’m partial to the the gender unspecific & rich Pomegranate & Sage, with notes of pomegranate, sage ( obvi), patchouli & teak.

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