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Halloween Must Have: Orgasmic Sorbee Candy

Written by Ashley

Halloween Isn’t an Excuse to Get All Fat, OK?

Dear Waistline,

For the past 20+ years, you’ve been looking forward to the holiday season to regain your spare-tire lbs & begin your journey to epic huge-ness before my New Years Resolution time rolls around.  I hate to break it to you, but you’re TOTALLY screwed this year. Yet, I’ve stocked my desk, purse & kitchen with DELISH candy while you, waistline, have been getting smaller. What’s the deal, you ask?  Sorbee‘s the deal. The chocolate-y, sugar-y, HEALTH-y deal. BOO-YA, SUCKAAAA.

Hugs & Skinny Girl Kisses,


Chocolate Lover, Rejoice: Sorbee’s delish line of sugar free, reduced fat, fat free or gluten free candies will combat those tempting bite sized trick or treat snacks.  The Snickers bar doesn’t stand a chance with my discover of …. wait for it…a  90 calorie chocolate bar that actually tastes good. The aptly named Dream Bar with reduced fat and lots of fiber. Eating this milk-chocolate, crispy nougat & caramel treat feels like a serious cheat-fest… the taste is borderline orgasmic. Diet chocolate this is NOT.

Fruity-Tutti’s, Rejoice: Crystal Light Sugar Free Chewy Candy rivals Starburst, and in true Sorbee fashion, tastes JUST like the real thing with the use of Splenda & Natural Strawberry, Lemon, Orange & Raspberry flavors.

Look for the entire Sorbee line at your favorite grocery store, mass merchant or at Stock up. Seriously.

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