Happy Birthday To Our Little Ray Of Hope

Written by Ashley

Oh, Hey Stephanie Hope fans!


Think you know everything about this little lady?

Here is a little list I like to call:

Getting To Know Stephanie Hope :

  1. She likes old fudge, because ‘it’s crunchy’.
  2. Her legs are “SOOO Hot”.
  3. She knows all of the words to “Crazy On You” and will sing it to you at Karaoke Night
  4. One Word. Bumpits.
  5. She never is judgmental towards an alcoholic beverage, but she will curse the day you were born upon serving her a shitty bloody mary.
  6. Brunch is her favorite meal of the day.She knows the whole “Thriller” dance. She will be happy to teach you in a bar on the LES.
    Told You.

    Told You.

  7. She has shiny hair, and can do fun things with it upon request.
  8. She has never deemed Red Lipstick to be inappropriate.
  9. She busts serious moves on the dance floor. Serious ‘wacky wavy inflatable flailing arm tube man’ moves.
  10. And lastly, it’s her bday.

Let’s get crunk.

Picture 1

Happy Birthday!

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