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8 Health Benefits of Lentils

Written by andy

What makes lentils so awesome? Check out the awesome health benefits of lentils:

Lentils are one of the healthiest foods around, and you’ll find that adding them to your diet leads to drastically improved health! It may sound silly to think that one little legume can make you so healthy, but the truth is that lentils offer MANY health benefits.

Here are the health benefits of lentils you need to know about.

  1. They’re loaded in protein — Of all the plant-based proteins (soy products, beans, garbanzos, nuts, etc.), lentils contain the most protein. That means that eating a bowl of lentils will give you more plant-based (healthy) protein than any other non-animal food. For those who are going vegetarian or vegan, lentils are the best source of protein.
  2. They’re very low in fat –– While lentils don’t contain the same amount of protein as beef, dairy, chicken, eggs, and fish, they also have almost NONE of the fat that these animal products contain. If you’re trying to stick with a low fat diet, you’ll find that adding lentils to your diet is the smart way to go!
  3. They’re low-sodium — For those who are worried about the health of their heart, lentils are a heart-smart food you should try to eat a lot more of. Lentils made at home have virtually NO sodium in them (aside from whatever salt you add for seasoning), and thus are one of the best foods to eat to reduce high blood pressure.
  4. They’re very alkaline –– It’s important to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body in order to avoid disease and health problems. Lentils are one of the most alkaline protein sources on the planet, meaning they will help to promote a healthy pH balance. (Remember, your body’s internal pH should be slightly more alkaline than acidic, so eating lentils will ensure that your pH is where it should be!)

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  1. They’re heart-friendly — Lentils are loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which play important roles in your overall health. The soluble fiber in the lentils will help to absorb the cholesterol from the food you eat, preventing cholesterol buildups that could potentially lead to heart problems. Plus, they’re loaded with magnesium and folate, two nutrients that can increase circulation and lower levels of heart attack-causing homocysteine.
  2. They’re great for digestion –– Thanks to the healthy fiber in the lentils, you’ll be able to improve your digestive health drastically. Soluble and insoluble fiber both help to improve digestion; soluble fiber absorbs toxins, cholesterol, and sugars, while insoluble fiber acts like a scouring pad to eliminate clinging wastes. You can prevent IBS, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive health issues thanks to lentils.
  3.  They’re a great source of energy — Not only are lentils a great source of protein, but they contain carbohydrates as well. These carbs, however, are combined with fiber and nutrients, so they are slowly absorbed into the body. You get a slow-burning, long-lasting type of energy that will keep you going all day long.
  4. They promote weight loss — Eating lentils is one of the best ways to start losing weight today. There is almost no fat in lentils, so you don’t have to worry about increased fat storage in your body. The protein in the lentils will help your body to burn more calories and increase lean muscle mass, and the dietary fiber they contain will ensure that your digestive system processes the nutrients effectively. Plus, you’ll feel very satisfied after eating a bowl of these high-fiber legumes!

Definitely good reasons to add lentils to your diet!

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