When Rejected Men are Jackasses

rejected men online
Written by Gary

Technology has allowed rejected men to be even bigger jackasses than before.

rejected men online

These days, our online dating lives are more active than Kanye West’s anger management counselor. We are meeting more guys, sleeping with more guys, and sorting through a lot more losers trying to find a guy that won’t sleep rape us, or run up our credit cards. The problem is that with so many guys on our rosters, there are inevitably more possibilities, as well as more rejections. Rejected men, apparently, don’t take things in stride.

Online dating makes it a lot easier for guys to be complete and utter jackasses, with no chance of reprisal. There is a level of anonymity with meeting online, and if you haven’t met someone in person they can say whatever they want to you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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These images are perfect examples of guys saying harassing things because girls didn’t want to jump on the D, and hiding behind the anonymity of meeting online.

rejected men online


rejected men online


rejected men online


rejected men online

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