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7 Health Benefits of Vodka

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There are health benefits of vodka, so feel free to use this article as your excuse to order a screwdriver!

Vodka is one of the most popular alcohols around, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia. Even in the Western world, a startling number of drinks are made from vodka. The mild flavor of vodka makes it perfect for mixing with all sorts of ingredients. But did you know that the alcohol also offers a wide range of health benefits?

Here are a few of the many awesome health benefits of vodka:

  1. Fight Stress — We all know that a nice drink can help to take the edge off after a long week, but did you know that vodka actually helps to fight stress? Vodka works to decrease stress more efficiently than red wine, beer, and any other alcohol, helping you to relax when your nerves are all frazzled.
  2. Improve Sleep –– Not only will vodka help you to relax, but it can also help you get to sleep more quickly. Vodka has sleep-inducing properties that will make you feel drowsy after a shot or two, and it will calm your brain. For insomniacs, it may be worth having a shot of vodka before you hit the sack!
  3. Reduce Pain — Vodka is sort of the Russian cure-all for any aches and pains in the body. All alcohols have mild pain-relieving properties, but vodka in particular can help to reduce pain from a headache, hangover, or even a common cold. Many herbal remedies include vodka, using it to make herbal tinctures that can be applied topically to any sores, aches, and pains. Bonus: Fill a plastic Ziploc bag with vodka, and leave it in the freezer. The vodka will never freeze, but it will get cold enough to serve as an epic ice pack!

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  1. Improve Heart Health –– Did you know that a bit of vodka is actually quite good for your heart? Vodka has the ability to dilate your blood vessels, which will increase the amount of blood flowing through your veins and decrease your risk of heart problems. It can help to prevent cardiac events like heart attacks and strokes, and can even boost your body’s production of the good HDL cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol in control.
  2. Relieve Toothache –– Got an aching tooth? Try the Russian remedy of slamming back a shot of vodka. Not only is vodka a powerful antiseptic (to help clean the bacteria and germs from infected gums), but it can help to reduce the pain in your mouth caused by the cavity or infected gums. Mix it with a bit of cinnamon and you have a highly effective mouthwash that can help you to deal with bad breath and halitosis.
  3. Sterilize Wounds –– If you are hiking, bring a bottle of vodka with you instead of hydrogen peroxide. You can use the vodka to both dull the pain of any injuries AND prevent the wounds from being infected. Vodka is a powerful antiseptic that will do wonders to stop bacteria from setting into wounds.
  4. Improve Skin and Hair Health –– Vodka, when applied to your face or hair, can work wonders to improve the health of your skin and hair. It will tighten the pores of your skin, but first it will cleanse them like a strong astringent. It’s great for killing off acne bacteria, and it will help to cleanse and tone your skin. You can use it in your hair to get rid of dandruff or any infections of the scalp.
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