Hey, Princess, Bring Me A Beer!

Written by Stephanie

Don’t know what to get a guy in your life this holiday season? Is your boyfriend, hubby, brother, father, friend not telling you what they want? Answer the following questions and see if Beer Hoodie is the right gift for your guy:

Does your guy like to drink beer?

Does your guy always like to know where he put his beer?

Does your guy get too much into sports games and needs his hands to cheer or his team or harass the other team?

Does he grill (possibly while tailgating) and needs a place to keep his beer?

Does he like to have one beer open in one hand and another one on hold in his other hand?

When your guy gets drunk does he tend to misplace his beer or does he like to dance around, fist pump, etc?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Beer Hoodie is the perfect gift to give any guy in your life.

Beer Hoodie is a simple gray hoodie but with a pocket right in the front that perfectly fits a bottle of beer. This is for the guy who needs place to put his beer while hes gaming, watching sports, grilling, dancing, drinking with his other hand, whatever.

Best of all you can have it customized. Get a favorite sports team on the front or any fun slogan that you want in a variety of fonts and colors. has over 40 funny sayings that you can get or you can come up with your own. Here are some ideas from the site:

For the philosophical guy: “I Drink, Therefore I Am”

For the single dude: “I want a Heinie, and it’s not the beer I’m talking about”

For the guy who cares about others: “Finish your beer. There are sober people in India”

For the energy efficient: “Alternative Energy is me reaching for a beer with my left hand instead of my right.”

For the ladies man, sort of: “Drink til I look better” or “Don’t want me yet? Have another beer.”

Give the gift that he is sure to love.

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