Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife: Halloween Redux

Written by Emily

This “jam” so to speak was pretty much the highlight of my summer. Antoine Dodson became infamous for his rant proclaiming justice on the Lincoln Park projects rapist. Well, I thought I was going to be freaking original this year for once with my Halloween costume and make my boyfriend dress up as Antoine and I would dress up as the cracked out chick in purple. It was going to be infamous. Well now some chumps whose asses I will kick at a later time thought of it too.

#FMFML (F- my- f-ing- miserable-life, you heard it here first) It’s got all the elements needed to pull off Antoine EXCEPT THE SWAGGER. You need to be a special kinda dude to throw this down. It’s almost sold out, but lets be honest. It’s a red bandana, a black wife beater, black jeans, a piece of paper (to beat him with?), and a distinct cracked-out stare. Kinda like Tyrone Biggums.

If you want to see how to really pull this off, watch the incredible kids from Auto-Tune the News to truly relive him in all of his internet meme (viral on the internet)-ness glory.

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