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How to Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall Fab

Written by Bryce

Fall is just a few weeks away, and there’s nothing more stressful than that weird in-between moment for seasonal fashion (and honestly, accessories aside, all fashion is pretty seasonal). We recently caught up with Melanie Fascitelli, founder of custom couture closet company, Clos-ette. She’s designed the closets of everyone from Jay Z and Beyonce to Drew Barrymore, and frankly, anything going on in Beyonce’s closet is basically a dream of mine.

So here’s how to go from Summer to Fall in your closet in 5 easy-peasy moves:

1.       Start with a closet edit to weed out clothes you won’t be transitioning back in the spring. Refer to my book “Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style” for how to do an edit.
2.       Clean, press or steam all the clothes before you pack them up. This way when you go to unpack you can just transition them back onto shelves or onto a hanger without much cleaning.
3.       Pack everything up into breathable storage boxes. Natural fabric is the best.
4.       Add a clos-ette too signature lavender or cedar sweater folding board to each box (or 2) before closing them up. This will help keep the bugs away. Buy them here
5.       And lastly don’t forget to keep things you might need during the winter for a warm weather trip (resort wear) in your closet, nearby or give them easy access for packing.

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