I Got Vajazzled (and had a camera crew)

Written by Bryce

A few weeks ago we wrote a post on Vajazzling, a relatively new concept in vaginal adornment. It’s exactly what it sounds like- bedazzling for your vajayjay. The trend exploded when Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she Vajazzles regularly to feel good about her privates. It took mere minutes for bloggers to go wild in pursuit of real Vajazzling pics. Alas, there were none to be found on Google. Until the lovely team at Spa Week Daily called me up and said “Bryce, we know you’re at the forefront of Vajazzling… you’re basically the authority on the subject, any chance we can send you down to Completely Bare Spa in NYC to actually get it done?”

Vajazzle picture, vajazzling

Would I? Obviously. Vajazzling, in my opinion, is the only civilized way to wear rhinestones. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a blinged-up Ed Hardy t-shirt, but somehow the idea of a little sparkle on my lady business is appealing. Maybe it’s because I have a small scar from a C-section about 14 months ago (shout out to Dr. Finkelstein for making the tiniest incision ever, and for vaginal preservation), or maybe it’s because I haven’t had sex in a year.  And no, I’m not Vajazzling to find a boyfriend, although I do appreciate all the tweets I’ve gotten today asking me for drinks, naked bowling, the opera, and a “sensual pilates date.”

Vajazzle picture, vajazzling

So how exactly does a lady get her business Vajazzled?  It’s a 2-step process involving some pretty high-tech wax, and then some pretty fabulous Swarovski crystals.  But before any crystallization can occur, the entire region gets waxed.  Although I was initially scared of the head-of-vaj-waxing, Jill, she turned out to be more like a pleasant cheerleader than anything else. She would chant funny little things like “spread ’em, I can tell this is going to be easy for you!” and “aww, c’mon, this is gonna be great by the time you’re all done Vajazzling!”  And it was true, her positive outlook on the status of my crotch really helped the experience to be relatively pain-free.  On to the crystals!

Vajazzling picture

I felt like I was in a doctor’s office.  Everything was crisp, clean, white, and sterile.  I got a 2 or 3 minute break after my wax to “relax and get ready” for the actual Vajazzling. I laid back on the table (obviously pantless), and Jill prepped my area with a mild cleansing solution to rid the region of any remaining wax.  Then came little sheets of real Swarovski crystals that she heated in the palms of her hands for a few seconds before applying to my freshly waxed skin.  The bottom of each sheet of crystals has a strong adhesive material that’s completely invisible to the naked eye. Larger areas of crystals are applied directly from a sheet, while more design-specific crystals are painstakingly applied by a tweezer on an individual basis.

vajazzle picture, vajazzling picture

After all the crystals were applied, Jill used her hand to seal a little more heat into the adhesive.  She assured me that they’re pretty strong, and that Completely Bare guarantees their Vajazzles for 5 days.  When she reminded me not to engage in any “vigorous activity for at least the first day” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself… vigorous activity? I should be so lucky.

I left the spa feeling like a new woman.  I had a little spring in my step and couldn’t help but think that I would actually do this on a semi-regular basis if I had a man in my life.  Why not? Until then, I can keep the solo party going around my disco ball of a crotch.  I don’t think I’ll be bringing a photographer and film crew next time though, that was just plain bizarre.

vajazzle picture, vajazzling picture

For those of you interested in Vajazzling, it will be offered during Spa Week at Completely Bare on Bond Street as well as in Westchester.  You can also visit a spa in Washington D.C. called Strippers (go figure) for the same treatment.

Spa Week Spring 2010 will take place April 12-18th, when all treatments will just be $50 a pop.  You can pre-book starting March 15 on the Spa Week site. My birthday is April 15, and I’ll be back to Vajazzle my way on to 26.

About the author


Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe. She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. Bryce's aim is to do to luxury what Elton John did to being gay. Follow her on twitter @brycegruber


  • So, in a week… are these crystals going down the shower drain or are they going to be something to keep?

    Also, never been prouder to call you my cousin.

  • This is going on my bucket list.

    And you know, by the time I get around to finishing that list I’l probably be around eighty-three anyway…

    …so pity the girl who ends up having to Jazzle my Vag.


    The last pic is my fave btw. I think it should be your default for everything.

  • you are so effin awesome for this! Inquiring minds really do want to know what happens after a while – do they fall off? do you have to go back to get them removed? Is there a special way you clean so as not to disturb the design? Do tell!

  • Wow Bryce, you are a trooper, I love it. Btw Completely bare is a client of ours and they sell Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum, did they try and sell you some for after your wax?) Let me know if you need a refill

  • gorgeous! i didn’t want to ask for pics on fb because i thought it was inappropriate…but seriously why do it if no one can see it? loves it!!

  • Awesome, I’m going to vajazzle my vajayjay now. But what happenes to the crystals once the adhesive wears off? Kudos to you for showing pics:) Beautiful, fun, innovative, and sparkly!

  • IMHO:

    1. vajazzling is NOT safe. i don’t want to eat or inhale crystals, thanx. (this is the same reason i don’t like earrings.) NO ONE WANTS TO CHOKE ON THE ‘BABY IN THE KING CAKE’, if ya know what i mean.

    2. a uniquely trimmed peach fuzz is MUCH more attractive than a Dollyworld/Sprawlmart glitter swatch.

    3. the image depicting YOU looking down at your own ‘procedure’ is freakin’ HAWT!!! oh my gawd, you don’t need ANY sparkly crap to improve your ‘below the belt line’. (i would leave many hickies on your left hip bone. yum!)

    4. how do i get this job? in fact, i don’t want to do the waxing OR the crystal installation; i just want to do the “prep your area” and “hand warming” parts. i’m willing to do a free internship first if i have to!

    5. very ballsy piece, young jedi. very ballsy indeed. you should be proud. (but not of the vajazzling. it’s still silly)

  • I love Completely Bare! And your snazzy snatch. Bryce, you gotta get some action now, after all the work you went through! Get the nanny for Ben and we’ll go to Ryan’s Pub on 2nd ave, the boyz will eat you alive.

  • Good Lord! I can def think of plenty other things to spend $50 on – waxing is quite enough for me.

    And wouldn’t they snag on lace panties? Seems hazardous… lol

  • Gross. So to feel good about one’s self, we should rip out hair and superglue sparkly plastic to our crotch? I would think therapy would be a better solution for self-esteem.

  • I think its cool. If its not your cup of tea, then fine, but whats wrong with having a little secret? I wouldn’t do it all the time, but for special occasions, or just to try something different, I say go for it.

    Brave post. Way to go! I’m inspired!

  • Viv & Steph: thank you, darlings.
    Zachary, so glad my vaj has inspired you.
    Sammir, thanks for being a fan of the sparkle experiment!
    LJ, def worth trying once!
    Shana, I’ll keep everyone posted about the crystals falling off! So far they’ve stayed put.
    Ashley, everything i do, i do it for you….. (picture me singing that to you)
    Mariah, thanks!
    Ed & Ed, mmmhmmmm
    Tyler… if I ever get married, you might just be the one.
    Gina, I <3 you.
    Cheeba-ho, I don't engage in ANY sexual activity. Nobody will be getting anything stuck in any teeth.
    Katie, you rock my world.

    ...video will be posted tomorrow.

  • So, Bryce, if you grow your pubes out and get it nice and bush-like, your man could go treasure hunting for them shits. I mean its a whole new game when it comes to foreplay! I’d call it “Searchin for Treaure.”

  • Frankly, I don’t understand this idea of gluing rhinestones on your p*ssy. It doesn’t turn me on. I asked my buddies and they said it doesn’t turn them on either. Perhaps it’s a vanity thing? You already look great – considering that you’ve got a very bubbly face (which makes you cute) and you shaved your pubis (which makes it kinky and erotic) – I don’t see any other reason why you should spend $50 for this procedure.

    Why not get a caring boyfriend, ask him to splatter the special glue on your pubis with his hands, let him gobble up all those rhinestone to spit them on said pubis, let him give you a good warm-up cunnilingus while you and he are dazzled by your pubic rhinestones, and consummate the relationship with f**king s*x. After all this body-bumping, you can both watch a movie or some other thing with the untouched $50.

    On the other hand, you can just disregard what I just said. Coz it’s your $50.

  • Jeez, obsess over your pussy much? A bald snatch looks prepubescent, gluing glitter on it *is* prepubescent. What’s next, gluing on gold painted dry macaroni?

    Vacuous in the extreme.

  • dumb!!!!!!

    men like regular vagina with hair like God made it. If he wants sparkles and scents then he’s GAY!!!

  • this is hilarious, but seriously, WHO HAS THE TIME OR MONEY TO BEDAZZLE THEIR SNATCH? this seems like something paris hilton would be a fan of. pointless, tasteless, and tacky.

  • To say a man would never do this? Maybe…but I am reminded of a number of photographs of men who had carp and other interesting things tattooed on their penises. Ouch. I don’t think either of these are things you do to get a mate. I think they are things you do for yourself, and not in the same catagories as the ridiculous crap in the fashion industry. And when I do paint my nails and toenails the same color? I ain’t doin’ it for you, I’m doing it because it amuses me and makes me feel good. I could totally see vajazzling for fun at some point, but it wouldn’t be to get a date: I’d have to spend all night flipping up my skirt to show it off! LOL!

  • Wow. Some harsh criticisms here. Being judgmental is not sexy either. Why do people think it is their place to be so harsh? and why do others think this is an open invitation for sex?

    I am glad she enjoyed her experience. It is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • This reminded me of that parody video floating around a while ago.



    “Turn your labia into a Yay-bia!”
    “Now, instead of a yeast infection, I have a jewel collection!”

  • Damn, look at all these haters. Lady kind enough to let us peep her genitals. Least give her a thanks, or some shit. Hey, “Thanks lady!” I’d hit it ’till the stones fell off. Just kidding. 5 minutes and I’d be out of breath. Fuck. Better than 1 minute, I suppose!!

    “Your girl might got iced out rings and watch, but my girl got iced out titties and crotch.”


  • The author is hot so this article is believable.

    But imagine the same thing written by Hillary Clinton.

    Fat chicks should not wear spandex. Likewise, fat chicks should not wear pussy pearls.

  • Wow, thanks Bryce. Way to raise the bar for the average chick. Not enough just to keep it trim and the bikini line clean anymore. Nope, then we had to start getting the “undercarriage” waxed or shaving the are. Then the “brazilian” came along and suddenly we’re paying a college dropout to rip the hair out of our pubic area and asshole every 3 weeks. But this really takes the cake. Now, we’re doing all of the ripping of the hair and THEN gluing crystals to our pussies???? Really? HOW OLD ARE YOU???

  • So can I go get this done on my penini? I want to write “PEACE, LOVE, AND EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS” on my penis, in rhinestones. I bet those bumps would do something extra for the laddies, Best of all, you don’t even need to wax my shaft! I bet that would knock the price down a bit too.

  • Wow…its amazing to me that people are eager to share such negative opinions. I think this is adorable..and if you dont, I’m sure the “back” button on your browser still works (even if your ability to share critisicm contructivly doesnt). I’m curious though, because I’m not a brazilian kind of girl, if they incorporate the jazzling into other types of waxing…like outlining a landing strip, or running along the top edge of a patch? And then of course, I’m curious, like a few other posters seem to be, about how to maintain or get rid of them. Will they fall off? Does makeup remover do the trick or do they have to be professionally removed?
    But as far as your documentation of the experience goes, I think its safe to say that you rock!! I’m totally envious of your jazzled vag right now, and the balls that you have tucked somewhere in there.

  • Hey! Have you considered googly eye decals on the ‘ole mons pubis? I’m also considering scratch n’sniff stickers for a more floral bouquet.

  • This is hilarious. I’d never heard of vajazzling until I read this. I think Ed Hardy is missing an opportunity here though. They need to sell temporary vajtats to go above the crystals. A nice skull or a dagger or even just their logo for those die hards.

  • Vanity aside… is it safe? During intercourse, (of the particularly rough variety, especially), could they come off and wind up in the vagina, or even the urethra of one’s sex partner? Sweet maple syrup, simply the thought of that happening is nothing short of terrifying!

    Still adore you! Just totally creeped out!

  • I couldn’t finish the article, not because of the rhinestones…which I admit is a little ‘strange’…but because of the author’s inaccurate, judgmental and inappropriate comment about having a C-Section and having “vaginal preservation”. Way to perpetuate the idea that vaginal birth is gross, scary or harmful to a woman’s body. From a mother of two who had both a vaginal and surgical birth I am appalled and embarrassed.

    Do whatever you need to do to feel sexy, but don’t give the idea that giving birth naturally does ANYTHING to take away being sexy from a woman. It should do just the opposite.

  • It’s not a vajayjay or a vagina – it is called a vulva and you didn’t even get it done there. Technically, it’s your lower abdomen.

  • “I thought the whole point of being a feminist was that you got to make your own choices.”–Cindy Crawford.
    With all the negative comments I would have though Bryce underwent a female circumcision. When did everyone get so serious? Lighten up people! Vajazzling is a NOVELTY that I would love to try. Inquiring minds wanted to know and now we know. Brava Bryce! Also how hot are you? I would kill for your flat belly! You are amazing and look awesome!

  • No thanks, I can think of many many other things I’d spend $50.00 on to “put a little spring in my step”.
    Whatever, to each their own I guess. I do just have a little comment to make though to the people who are upset by the negative comments. This woman has posted these pictures on a public website/blog
    ( is this a blog? I just found this link on another website, don’t usually follow this ) that is open for people to see and make comments on. Some will be negative some positive. If there is nothing wrong with voicing your positive opinion there is also nothing wrong with voicing a negative one. It’s silly to think that only great things are going to be said.
    Opinions are like belly buttons….

  • No negativity intended.. but I do want to say.. that i had a natural, vaginal birth (just 1 kid, and he’s now 7), and my man-loving women-parts are just fine. And tight. And loved by all who enter (well, just the one who loves and enters). And maybe I should just stop now cause I’m either getting in trouble, or just hot…

  • A little appreciation fellas….
    Bryce great article on sticking crystals there….no idea if I want my girl sticking crystals but waxing definitely in that area sounds good….and y aren’t u busy with some guy right now…lol..

  • Just one of these twinkly jewels to loosen and fall into the folds of crazed love making would be _not good_.

    Think sand on the beach, friction, and pain. You know what I mean.

    Thats all I’m going to say.

  • to the guy who said straight guys like a hairy vajayjay. r u freaking kidding me? nobody wants to go down on a hairy pu**y and choke on a hairball. then again i don’t want to go down on a sparkling one and choke either…

  • I agree with Amy- I find the author’s attitude toward vaginal birth to be highly offensive, and that is really what is leaving a bad taste in my mouth (ha) upon completion of this article.

    Additionally, Bryce, you can’t thank somebody (a friend, I presume?) for trying to take you out to a bar, & then turn around and yell at somebody for speaking of you in a way that indicates sexual activity. If you’re writing an article about bedazzling your twat AND mentioning having had a child, then sex is going to come into it, sorry.

  • Who yelled at anyone?
    …and truthfully, it’s medical fact that vaginal birth stretches the vagina. In fact, I think it’s a healthier way to deliver, but it does expand the general region!

  • Why is it important that the vagina is expanded? Who cares? You’ve had a baby for God’s sake! It’s natural. We can’t go back and pretend that it didn’t happen once there’s a tiny person hanging around proving us otherwise.

    And I was regarding your tone speaking to ‘Cheeba-ho.’ It was pretty nasty.

    I mean, it’s your website, so do what you want, I’m just refuting the people who were surprised you got negative comments, as your tone tended toward the negative to begin with.

  • 1) stretching… it is natural, but so is graying hair and fading eyesight. i’d like to prevent all 3 if possible.
    2) i didnt say anything negative to cheeba-ho… just the facts?

    …seems like you have an issue with the truth, maybe?

  • My daughter was a little over 10 pounds and had a huge head. I opted for a planned c-section as I would still like to feel my husband’s penis during intercourse. I enjoy our sex life and do my kegels but there is no way my vagina would ever be the same after a natural delivery with my beloved mini sumo baby. I figured a c-section was easier(and covered by insurance) than getting a vaginal rejuvenation.

  • Assuming that just because a woman gives birth to a large baby that she will need vaginal surgery or that she won’t be able to feel intercourse is both uneducated and insulting. I gave birth to the equivalent of a 10lber (he came out with his arm next to his head) and my vagina and vulva are still very much in tact. In fact all I needed was one tiny stitch from where is elbow nicked me. I even asked my husband if sex is any different and he said if anything it was better.

    I also have many friends who have had as big or bigger babies and they all still have fabulous sex lives, well other than the sleep deprivation from having kids. You assume something that you have no real information on and this opinion/theory is based on fear. Why does our society fear birth? A woman’s body is MADE to give birth.

    But when I had my surgical birth the recovery was crap and it took a lot longer before I was recovered enough to have sex AND when I did have sex it hurt a lot worse because of my scar and the scar tissue that built up. There are benefits and risks to both but having a section does very little to guarantee a better sex life after having a baby.

    Look, I’m all for having birth choices available and I’m totally for you making whatever choice was right for you. Just make sure you aren’t insulting anyone else’s choices. And at the least have a fact basis before you spout off assumptions like the ones that were made in the article and in Erin’s comment.

  • I’m glad I can save my money, as my “unpreserved” vag is plenty attractive to myself and others. Strange, since it’s apparently supposed to be floppy and unappealing after pushing out two big, fat babies.

  • Please use correct anatomy terms. The area that you have sparkled up is NOT your vagina. Your vagina is internal, not external. I can see why some people might be tempted to try this, but it’s pretty wasteful.

  • Bryce, you can’t really prevent gray hair or fading eyesight. Certainly, you mean “artifically correct”? (Personally, I’m opting for preventing unseemly scars on my abdomen by letting my babies exist as nature intended.)

  • Okay, lemme get this straight. First you get every bit of hair removed via waxing. So now you look like a prepubescent girl of around 8 years old. Why this is good, I have no idea. I guess having a pubic area that looks grown up is out of fashion. (Don’t get me wrong, I can understand a trim and partial waxing so as not to look like a Brillo pad when in a swimsuit, but come on.)

    Next you add crystals to decorate the area. Now you look like a 13-year-old who got a little bit carried away with her Bedazzler (which, of course, is where the name for this crazy practice is partially derived).

    And for all this, I’m sure you would be charged a pretty penny. Five days later, repeat the process. Sounds like manna from heaven for the spa business!

    As P.T. Barnum is often misquoted, “There’s a sucker born every minute!” This spa “treatment” certainly seems to look for those folks.

    And why, oh why, can’t modern American women call their body parts by proper names instead of inventing terms like “vajayjay”?

  • For those unaware, waxing creates a cleaner, smoother and way more sensitive area. Hair captures the moisture and the odors – no matter how clean a person is, there is a smell that is simply unavoidable in hairy genitals. The heightened sensitivity is amazing. I wish all men also removed their hair, it would certainly make fellatio more enjoyable.

  • Bring back the muff. Stop shaving it off! Stop replacing it with bedazzle crystals. Men like a woman with some bush. Only little boys want baldies!

  • I’m amazed how rare Vajazzling photos are. I’ve scoured the web and have only turned up about 3. If anyone out there is a photographer, I suspect this would be a good niche for ya 😉

  • Bryce, you should auction off the crystals on eBay. Maybe even some of the money could go to charity? Ah geeze… I have way too many ideas in my head.

  • Amy–I did not mean to insult you or anyone else. I am speaking for myself. In this country if we can have all the risks of surgery ie anesthesia, bleeding, infection to inject saline into your boobs, suck fat out of your a$$, or cut pounds of fat off your stomach…..all just because you want to, then why can’t I have an elective CS? I expect to be able to birth how I am most comfortable and how I wish; I support a woman’s right to do the same. I looked at all the risks and benefits of the various ways of birthing and chose a manner which meshed with my lifestyle, beliefs and philosophies I am not saying anything bad about a woman who has also looked at these things and come to a completely different conclusion.

  • Erin – I am not begrudging you for having a planned section, I had one with my second due to many medical reasons. My objection/concern with your post and the attitude expressed by Bryce in the article is that having a baby via the natural birth canal of a woman’s body ruins that part of a woman’s body. It wasn’t that you had a section that bothered me, it was this quote: “I opted for a planned c-section as I would still like to feel my husband’s penis during intercourse.” Bryce’s comment was “shout out to Dr. Finkelstein for making the tiniest incision ever, and for vaginal preservation”. Comments like thise are offensive because it implies that having a vaginal birth would ruin a woman’s sex life after the baby and it sends the message that a woman who has given birth vaginally is less desirable.

    This isn’t about birth choices, at least not from my end. For me it is about respecting someone else’s birth choices (vaginal) and not spreading misinformation and fear.

  • @Charlene I’m pretty sure that if you turned a vag into a disco ball, a gay dude would still stay far away from it. Disco sticks, on the other hand…

    Aside from that, I think all of you “natural” birth moms need to calm down and quit being so butthurt. Bryce made a choice that was different than yours. Maybe her pachina wouldn’t have snapped back the way that you claim yours has. Whatever, nobody cares except you and your husband, as it should be.

  • No man would ever like to see this on a woman. It just makes you look crazy. It is so insane that I almost feel like it isn’t real. If you are vagazzling just because you think it looks cool and it is an esteem booster or something, more power to you. Don’t expect you partner to be anything but dismayed, however.

  • If they do this for guys will you post pictures of me turning my scrotum into a disco-ball? hahaha I cant imagine the amount of chaffing and pain that would cause. The novelty of this clearly outweighs any sense of logic regarding the malfunction of the jewelry (if sand gets everywhere this will definitely get somewhere).

  • To Bryce, Erin and Amy

    I have been following the comments with some curiosity and I now believe that it may be time to settle the whole “stretched” or Not stretched” debate. In the interest of scientific study I am willing to offer up myself as a guinea pig to test the various options. (yes i know, it’s tough but that’s just the self sacrificing kind of guy that I am). I’m clean, single and available next week. Vajazzling is optional but Bryce, this might be a good opportunity to see how the little sparklies have stood the test of time. A sort of “Stress-Test” if you will………

    Cameras and film crews are optional.


  • To all the people speaking on behalf of all men: stfu. Speaking for myself, I have no particular preference except that I think no hair down there is the best possible configuration. Little beads are novel but do nothing positive or negative for me in anyway. Jesus christ, you people offering your opinions as gospel; I hate you all – Fritz, I hate you the most because yours was the last comment I read. Go choke on a hairy vag you monkey f**ker.

  • Look, can we all not just Get Along????

    Reminds me of some round the campfire talk that was going on a while ago. One of the ladies asked me which is the best type of vagina? To which i replied (holding my hand 3 inches away from my face): “the one that’s right here!!”

    I think that kind of sums it up for most hetro guys: If you’re attracted to the girl (and that usually happens long before you have seen her naked bits) then It doen’t really matter what her vagina looks like. “Bedalled”, “Brazillianed”, “Hollywooded” or “Amazon Forrest”. As long as it’s clean, fresh and happy to have you there, you are NOT going to stop and say “uhm, look, I just realised i have to go, I forgot to file my tax return in time….can we reschedule for another time, and while you’re at it, can I give you the nbumber for this really cool place called “Completely Baare Spa, and they do this thing,….?”

  • I absolutely love this! I can’t imagine it would be too practical though…

    As for hair, I don’t like hair on *me*. Anyone else’s hairy bit don’t bother me at all. I seem to be alone in my baldness however. Most other’s, in my experience, prefer hair!

  • Bryce,

    Whats the point of getting this done, when you won’t be engaging in any sexual activity?

    No one is going to see it except you (well I guess you have had photos taken now)

    It just seems all very pointless.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and say vaginal preservation? Really? Are you fucking seeerious?

    Also you have to love the things spoiled rich westerns come up with to piss their money away on while people all over the world starve to death. But hey! Enjoy your sparkly vag.

  • While I think you’re brave for doing it, I think this is the stupidest darn thing since My New Pink Button.

    First off, why do women get ALL their hair waxed off? I can see the cracks of the legs and even the anus, but hair on the vulva is a sign of physical maturity. A fully hairless vulva has a creepy, pedophilic feel. I wouldn’t want to do it with a completely hairless man. If he does some manscaping, fine, but leave some so you look like an adult man, not a 12 year old boy. Same goes for women.

    And crystals on your vulva? Isn’t that taking the romance novel “Magic Glittery Hoo-Ha” thing too far?

    Yeah, this is moronic. All around.

  • Le sigh. If she’s not hurting anyone (who doesn’t want to be hurt) abusing animals or children who are we to judge? Isn’t it every person’s God given right to follow their bliss as long as it’s within the limits of the law? Seriously, why must we be so yucky and cruel to each other? The author has done nothing to deserve your scorn and cruelty. And neither did she do anything to invite your crude sexual remarks. Grow up people. It’s not that hard.

  • Hahahahaha. Wow. This is hilariously ridiculous yet awesome.

    I can just imagine your kid, a few years down the road, happening upon an archive of this article >.>

  • Vajazzling sounds like fun. Kinda like donning ridiculously uncomfortable lingerie for a special night.. I will say that I wish I had a c-section to preserve my vagina because after 3 kids, things just ain’t the same. I don’t know what is worse feeling loose down there or leaking urine, especially when I laugh, sneeze, or cough. Mazel Tov-to all those not affected but let’s not pretend that things stay the same

  • This seriously cracks me up. All of it, especially the comments. Bryce: you kick ass. Just for being ballsy enough to investigate this, have cameras there, & then report on it, I applaud you. It’s hilarious that people are being so negative. You are officially my new idol, just for having the guts to do this & handle all of the attention, both negative & positive, without letting it affect you. You are awesome!!

  • Pregnancy is what does the damage to your pelvic floor, not a vaginal birth. So please don’t confuse the two. The point I have been trying to make, and which obviously has not been getting across to some, is that the attitude that having a surgical birth is so much better than a vaginal birth because it will “preserve your vagina” is ridiculous and insulting. My vagina does not need to be preserved like a jar of jam…it is made to be used for multiple different purposes. It’s designed by nature to stretch and change with different parts of life, a lot like the shaft of a man’s penis. When blood flow in increased to the penis the skin stretches and changes. But for some reason you don’t see people talking about penis preservation.

    Hopefully I have at least given you something to think about. Beadazzle away any part of your body that you want. Just please don’t spread misinformation about child birth. This culture already has enough fear around childbirth already.

  • @Hmmmmmm thanks… and I appreciate you’re being able to take the whole experiment with a grain of salt. Apparently, journalism is lost on a good portion of the world.

  • Amy, you have no clue.
    Most women will have a vaginal birth and be just fine. All I ask is some compassion for those who have already had a bad experience or who just don’t want to take the chance of a bad one. There’s a little more to the story than just saying that vaginal birth is the gold standard simply because of our anatomy.

  • Alina, I am not referring to anyone who may have had an issue. As I stated in a previous post I am referring to specific comments made by people who chose to have a section over a vaginal birth without having a vaginal birth at all. They did not reference any previous trauma.

    As for not having a clue, pretty sure I do. I’m actually very educated about birth (I’m a doula) and have had both a vaginal and a surgical birth. So before you pass judgment you might want to read all the previous comments first. I have not attacked anyone or called names. I have just tried to point out facts.

    I hope you are able to work past whatever birth trauma you might have from any damage that might have been done. I wish you well.

  • You rock! I once went for a brazilian and blogged about it. I didn’t have the courage to bring a camera crew. I didn’t want them to see me cry.

  • Someday in the not-too-distant future, LED/battery technology will get to the point that it won’t just be disco balls down there. It’ll be a whole light show.

  • So after my first comment I’ve received emails every time there’s another comment and all I can say is this. It all comes down to a womans choice. Lord knows y’all have fought hard enough to get that choice so make it and be happy with it. Secondly Bryce could be seen as an educational inspiration because some girl with an idiot of a boyfriend/husband is going to get an \arrow\ vajazzled pointing right to her clitoris and their sex life will never be the same…The End

  • let me explain – a va jay jay is internal. when i heard j love hewitt talking about this in/on her va jay jay she made it sound like it was INTERNAL. this is not your va jay jay. i dont know the technical name – mound works – but to call it va jay jay is dumb. just like when john mayer says ( in playboy) he sees hundred of va jay jays before he gets up in the morning – viewing porn – i dont think those photos are internal. i am beginning to think american men (and women) dont know the difference.

  • *Also you have to love the things spoiled rich westerns come up with to piss their money away on while people all over the world starve to death. But hey! Enjoy your sparkly vag.*

    I’m assuming English is not your principle language. The term I believe you are looking for is \Westerners.\ Why, oh why, do third world people think the first world people owe them a damned thing? I cannot tell you how many wars I’ve been to fighting for useless shit and trying to protect people that aren’t worth one American life just because the world politic says we owe it to them. Last time I checked, I accounted for all of my children. If you are too stupid to know that sexual activity causes children, then you probably need a bullet in your brain housing group. People that cannot feed themselves bringing more lives into this world. I’ll never understand that logic. It is Bryce’s money and she can throw it down a mine shaft if she feels the need. Concerned about the starving? Join the Peace Corps and do your thing.

  • Um, Bryce, you are so totally wrong about vaginal birth, its revolting to think of you as a woman who other women read for ANY kind of advice.

    Yes, the \nether regions\ stretch during the birth of the child. AND THEN THEY GO BACK TO THEIR PREVIOUS SIZE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    I have had 3 vaginal births, two of those children were far larger than normal, one of them was a full 9 pounds with a 14 inch head and 22 inch chest at birth. And after about 6 weeks, all my bits were back to normal and tiny, according to my exhusbad AND my OB. My fiance and I often have trouble in that department because I am still very small there, and often without a lot of extra work in the beginning, its near impossible for him to get anywhere.

    Don’t go spreading misinformation around just because you want to feel better about your c-section.


  • Dear “Someone with a Brain”

    While I respect your opinion and think the more natural a person goes (in any situation) is best, the facts just simply do not support what you’re saying. I have copied and pasted a portion of an article from BabyCenter.com, a leading pregnancy website, and if you’d like I’ll even poll 10 or 15 top NYC OBGYNs to talk about this topic.

    And, in the interest of keeping your marriage in tact, I’m sure your husband repeatedly says things like “you’re so tight.”
    Heck, it’s cheaper than paying child support for 3 kids.

    Here’s the article I mentioned:
    Will my vagina and perineum ever get back to normal?

    If you give birth vaginally, your vagina will probably remain a little larger than it was before. Right after delivery, the vagina remains stretched open and may be swollen and bruised. Over the next few days, any swelling you might have starts to go down, and your vagina begins to regain muscle tone. In the next few weeks, it will gradually get smaller. Doing Kegel exercises regularly helps restore muscle tone.

    If you had an episiotomy or a tear, your perineum needs time to heal so wait to start having sex again until you get the okay from your practitioner at your postpartum checkup. If you continue to have tenderness in that area, delay intercourse until you feel ready. In the meantime, figure out what you want to do for contraception. When you do feel ready (both physically and emotionally) to have sex again, be sure to go slowly.

    When you start having intercourse, you’ll probably find that you have less vaginal lubrication than you did when you were pregnant, due to lower levels of estrogen. This dryness will be even more pronounced if you’re breastfeeding, because nursing tends to keep estrogen levels down. Using a lubricant is a big help. (Be sure to buy a water-based lubricant, particularly if you’re using a barrier method because oil-based lubricants can weaken latex, which can cause a condom to break or ruin a diaphragm.)


  • Bryce, if you want to vajazzle your vagina, that’s your business. I personally don’t understand the appeal, but to each their own. What absolutely disgusts me about your article is that you proudly state that you opted for a c-section over a vaginal delivery for “vaginal preservation.” I am a grown woman who can easily identify the fallacy of this statement. What concerns me is that there are young girls out there reading garbage like this who wrongly assume that it’s correct. DELIVERING A BABY VAGINALLY DOES NOT RUIN A VAGINA! Are you forgetting that the vagina was made to deliver babies?! That’s what it’s designed to do! I read your babycenter.com article above: “If you give birth vaginally, your vagina will probably remain a little larger than it was before.” By doing kegel exercises, the vast majority of vaginas return to their original size. It would be a very rare occurrence for a vagina not to return to its original size; and if it didn’t, the size differential would be so minute that it would most likely go unnoticed by a lover. If it was noticed by a lover, then the size problem would probably be more so his than hers. In addition, I can personally attest to the fact that sex after a vaginal delivery is better! I delivered my son vaginally, and there was even tearing involved. I was stitched up, and I healed just fine. Now, my orgasms are even stronger than they were before! Not to mention that since I pushed my son out vaginally, I became more aware of my vaginal muscles. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say my husband appreciates my new muscular awareness! I have noticed in the media that many celebrities nowadays are opting to have c-sections over vaginal deliveries due to “vaginal preservation.” It really saddens me that this incredibly vain mindset is being spread to regular women. It saddens me even more that there are doctors out there who are willing to perform a c-section, which is a major surgery by the way, for reasons of vanity. C-sections should be done only when they are medically necessary. They should not be performed on healthy women who could have a normal vaginal delivery.

  • Ok so we’ve gone from decorating our soft bits to “who’s got the smallest vagina?”. Pity. Good article though. I remember Jennifer Love Hewit speaking about this on one of the talk shows. She’s quite into it. Apparently she’s single again. I think I’m going to give her a call.

  • @Someone with a brain. So, you’ve had 3 babies come out of your vagina yet you think a penis (which, even when it is a very large one is still smaller than a baby) not getting you without a lot of work is because you’re tiny? It’s because you’re dry. The vaginal tube is normally collapsed with the walls touching. When you put something in it, be it a finger, dildo, dick, etc. the vaginal tube stretches to fit the penetrating object. Obviously, when it’s dry it is harder to slide something in there and leads to the ight feeling. While muscle control can make things tighter feeling during sex, most ightness and looseness is really dryness and wetness. I am surprised most women don’t know this.

  • Tell ya what i’m gonna do so us guys can get in on the action. im going to hire some cute chickadees and open a shop for guys. we dont need swarovskies, and we dont need to decorate where we are going to leave our hair. Instead i’m gonna have the ladies apply flesh colored little speed bumps directly to the shaft for that extra lady pleasure!!! hey dont you go stealing my idea but…what do you think ladies??? imagine all the patterns… barber pole spiral,… single ridge on the top…or the sides…rippling rings??? im heading to the patent office. wait some names for the procedure??? cocladding? rodazzling? penistudding??? got any ideas?

  • First of all, anything like this done to a guy has to be called Balldazzling. No discussion required.

    Second, and I really hate to break the bubble of you lady-types who are using your husbands statements to support your position…ummmmm….they’re lying. Really. Hate to break it to you. I have two kids (last born over 3 years ago), both natural births, and I absolutely positively assure you as the one on the penis side of the discussion that the highway has been widened. Be glad your husbands love you enough to tell you what you want to hear on this issue and not what they actually think.

    And chalk me up as another person who just thinks this is freakin hot. There’s not a man alive who wouldn’t see if they could knock one of those jewels off (or who wouldn’t give themselves a mental high-five for doing it).

  • Ok, for the people who refuse to believe what the medical textbooks say is at best “a small widening”, would you rather your wife/partner had MAJOR abdominal surgery in order to keep “the highway” a little narrower? If you say yes to that YOU are the one who is lucky. Lucky that your wife still sleeps with your shallow self.

    The bottom line here is that Bryce’s attitude toward “giving a shout out to vaginal preservation” is uneducated and continues to perpetuate the idea that birth is something that is dangerous and horrible and that surgical births are the way to go. Can surgical births save lives? Yep. Are they right now here in this country? NO! Any time the surgical birth rate rises above 15% they are doing more harm than good. The side effects/risks far outweigh the benefits when your country’s surgical birth rate is more than double what the World Health Organization recommends.

    But don’t take my word for it. Look at the recent articles in the news and all over the news talk shows. We need to change the way we thing about birth in this country. Too many people think like Bryce does. And THAT is why our maternal death rate is so high.

  • Yes, AMY you are right. God made a woman’s body to give birth and still have sex afterwards. But you are overlooking a few fundamental points: Firstly, in a developed country like the USA you have medical choices. Safe ones. It’s Bryce’s choice. And you know what? It’s her choice to have an opinion as to why as well. Second,I think that there’s more than enough evidence to show that there is a medical risk to giving birth naturally, including but not limited to the collapse of the muscles in the vagina, incontinence, loss of feeling, unusual \looseness\ etc. But then there may be no complications whatsoever. She’s oboviously got a point of view, you may not agree with her, but it’s a free country. Lets move on all you \Natural Mommies\.

    As for the comment about how lucky some guy is to have his wife sleeping with him is raising a whole other can of worms. You have no idea what their relationshio is like, whether he is shallow or not based on one comment, but you are going into the realm of \sex and the witholding thereof\ as a wepon in the relationship war. Fine if you want to do it, but then don’t go crying when he gets it somewhere else. You obviously have issues.

  • Ok, so I have read a lot of the comments on this page, and I have noticed the discussion that is going on between the natural childbirth mothers and the c-section mothers. As a person who has no children, I can honestly say that I am not influenced one way or the other by Bryce’s \vaginal preservation\ comment. If this is Bryce’s outlook on the situation, then so be it. Her opinion, though, will probably not affect most people when it comes to their own opinions on childbirth.

    While I can see why the natural childbirth mothers wanted to inform everyone that their nether regions have gone back to their initial form, I see no reason as to why each of you became so offended. If you feel like your vagina is back to the way it used to be and your sex life is still awesome, then that’s wonderful. That’s the way it should be….you and your husband are supposed to be able to go back to having great sex as before. As one of you said earlier, childbirth is a beautiful thing and women are blessed to be able to go through that experience. But I feel like it is important to point out that this article was not about childbirth; it was about \vajazzling\ yourself. This article was simply meant to inform and entertain, and that is exactly what it did. Even though Bryce briefly discussed her personal experiences concerning childbirth, I do not think that her intentions were to persuade the reader to think that natural childbirth is disgusting. Nor was she saying that a woman will end up having an unattractive vagina, and that sex will never feel the same. Bryce was simply stating that because of her c-section, her vagina did not go through the process of expanding as would a woman who had a natural childbirth.

    So anyway, Bryce I must say that this is pretty awesome! As many people have said before, this does seem impractical, but this obviously is meant to be something fun for a girl to do every now and then. People are taking this too seriously…..if anyone wants to \vajazzle\ themselves, then that is their choice. Would I spend $50 or more on this? Probably not, but nonetheless it would still be pretty cool to try. Nice article and don’t let all of the negative comments get you down.

  • Someone with a brain wrote: \Yes, the

    No Exceptions?
    No Lasting Effects At All?

    So then, I guess the women that HAVE had issues after natural childbirth are ALL imagining it?

    I guess they should feel bad that their bodies did not \snap back\ as well as some other lucky women out there.

    I guess that they should feel bad because they HAVE noticed a difference.

    I guess they should feel bad because their HONEST man HAS noticed a difference too.

    I guess they should feel bad because they are not one of the lucky women whose body bounced back.

    They must be crazy and delusional because it can NEVER happen. No lasting effects. No exceptions. Right?

  • How on earth you crazy people care about what Bryce has done with her child, you do not know her circumstances and nor does she have to back that up to a bunch of narrow-minded people acting tough on the internet. To solve this simply.

    1. Bryce, Thank you fro your report after i heard that JLH did it, I wanted to know more about it and your brave journo report gave me a great in-look to it, my partner wants me to try!! haha

    2. To the imbecile who said that JLH made it out as though it was on the inner, go watch it again you moron… she specifically says when talking to Chelsea it was on the outter…. /facepalm.

    3. To all the other people debating how much, or if the vagina stretches after birth-giving…. god damn… WHO CARES… this report was about vajazzaling… not one thing in her document / video stated let’s talk about her stretching. If she’s had a child… idc…. if anything im jealous that she can have a hot body like that after birth (and im female!!!)

    4. Having that area waxed or shaved has nothing to do with being acting or looking like a child, if you think like that than shame on you for having such a disgusting and perverted mind…. Ever thought of personal choice ?? medical reasons?? what on EARTH lead you to think it was about being a child… sickens me.

    In short for the too long didn’t read : Report about what you think of Vajazzeling, Like it love it or hate it.. but keep on topic… there’s a billion other sites who cares about stretched vagina’s or men licking their lips on porn sites.

    Bryce, it may not be hard hitting news about world war for example, but this surely put a smile on my face…

  • As a guy who’s banged a lot of chicks, some of whom are mothers, I can say with 100% confidence that Bryce is right and while she seems like a bitchy high maintenance chick, I still give her props for keeping her snatch intact.

    To all the women on here saying that their husbands don’t notice a difference? Let me guess, they also tell you that you are as beautiful as the day you met and that the don’t mind the weight gain, either?

    That’s what husbands do, you ladies should be happy.

    Until you find out he’s banging a 22 year old stripper named Candi.


  • I found a site online that provides a bunch of info on vajazzling as well as do it yourself merchandise. If you’re interested you should check it out vajayzzle.com

  • whatever – just shave, moisture, buy some rhinestones from the dollar store, decorate yourself, and WA~~~~LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    sexy pussy without the expense.

  • Wow, i hope they can do this on booty-holes too.

    Crazy how so many women objectify themselves, even in these modern days….

    Absolutely crazy.

  • This blog was the best waste of time I ever spent, while procrastinating going to work. Thanks for the entertainment everyone! 🙂

  • IT”S NOT YOUR VAGINA that your getting decorated or tattooed! Your vagina does not start at our pubic bone!!!!! It’s the opening below your clitoris – you know, where your baby came out! If you were getting your vagina beaded and tattooed that would be quite a feat.

  • Sounds like a fun idea, especially since the curved clit-piercing that I had was actually broken in half, by an over-eager paramour, [shout out to S.H. you know who you are] I may vajazzle at home, I wonder if clear pancake syrup could add an extra sweet surprise, to a home-aid vajazzle super-glue stick?!

  • Ms Gruber is free to do what she wants with her body and blog about it, but why are people calling her “brave” and the post “awesome”? You’re brave when you do something that requires courage. What is courageous about doing something completely selfish or about promoting yourself, a luxury item and a company? And there’s nothing awesome about it either – I remain un-awed. And there must be better things to do with $50.

    And, Ms Gruber, “exotic” is relative, so saying you like “exotic places” does not really mean anything.

    And I hope you do do to luxury what Elton John did for being gay, as I despise the whole luxury industry. I am only thankful not all gays are like Elton John (i.e. no taste or style and obscene ability to spend money on crap).

  • Bryce,
    I love the idea of ladies vajazzling to feel good about themselves. However, I’m disappointed that it can only last a short time. I have an alternative for all you ladies out there, though. This is more than a century old tradition of some part of the world where women wear beads around their waist to accentuate their “assets”. The bead does a number of things. 1) it help the women maintain their maiden form. 2) it help control weight gains. 3) women feels good wearing. 4) it enhance sexual intercourse and men love them. 5) it builds young girl’s self-esteem and last but not least it can give the woman a slender waist. It comes in a variety of shapes and styles. If interested, please email me and I will send you a sample. I think every woman should wear one- especially those who care about how they look and feel.

  • Nice one, enjoyed this! 🙂

    Some of the good old home kits are pretty good for 5-12 days if you dont have a too mad lifestyle! got to love the whole vajazzle trend, its really taking off! x

  • Wow!! Who knew that such a simple article on vajazzling would elicit so many negative comments? Low self esteem! Really?? I only wish that vajazzling had been around as an option to tattoo’s. Maybe I would not have this permanent reminder of the day I decided to do something I felt was sexy and different! I thi
    I think it’s great and actually sophisticated on you!!

  • Vajazzle no… A nicely trimmed patch of hair yes. Child birth eh your body, your kid. Had mine natural no problem. I like AMY, I find it awesome that she can keep her cool with all you guys. Badazzling on the male genitals no.. Women feeling sexy there own way, go for it. Streching, going back to size, ect well thats for your significant other and doctor, not random people on the internet. On a scale of one-ten on this artical being entertaining or interesting 2. On a scale of one-ten on the comments being entertaining and interesting 10. Oh and on tattoos and piercings, I have both and I love the ones I have and don’t reget any of them. Beauty Queen can you tell me more about these beads, Im very interested. 🙂 Finishing statement, too each thier own.

  • hello would like to know which site Vajazzled buy the stickers.

    And also to temporarily tattoo, where I buy the equipment and molds inks.

    I live in Brazil.

    Thank you.


  • The casualness with which more and more people are treating their relationships disturbs me. Had a baby 14 months ago…hasn’t had sex in a year…not looking for a boyfriend. Well, you shouldn’t be looking for a boyfriend because you should be married! To the baby’s father. But, apparently we don’t do that sort of thing anymore. And, you’re welcome to call me old-fashioned because I believe in traditional relationships; but, remember, I’m here reading an article about vajazzling.

    • Maybe she adopted or got IVF. You do you and let others worry about themselves. They’ll find their way off you’re lawn, don’t worry.

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