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I’ll Have The Placenta Martini, Dirty

Written by Emily

Dear Japan, WTF?! After reading WTF Japan Seriously for a while now, I was pretty sure nothing from Japan would surprise me anymore. Bryce Gruber’s son even has a real Swiffer and vacuum for kids that was brought back from Japan, but I digress. This goes beyond normal-crazy Japan ish. It’s real pig placenta. As a drink. That you DRINK. I get placenta is supposed to be amazing and bla bla bla but come on, this is just too much.

Well if the only thing keeping you away from drinking pig afterbirth was the smell, they got it covered. Also, no calories! Win, win, barf. If you want to get your placenta on but not in, they also have masks and capsules. If you want to go placenta crazy, go for the jelly packets, jelly sticks and  something called the “Placenta Boom” which just sounds terrible. Also, why pigs?! It’s already placenta, you could have thought of a more appealing animal to harvest afterbirth from lets be honest. If anyone has tried this and would like to prove me wrong on its benefits, please don’t hesitate to leave a message below. I’d love to know.

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