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Melissa Carey, the founder of Carey Ingredients has made quite a name( and product) for herself in the natural beauty world.

“Combining her intuition, knowledge of ingredients and the ancient art of aromatherapy, Melissa created the scrubs in her kitchen for herself and as gifts for clients, family and friends. Word quickly spread about the immediate, visible benefits of this homemade 2-in-1 body exfoliant/ protective moisturizer.”

I always love a grassroots/organic business plan– and they ain’t kidding about their 2-in-1 body exfoliant/protective moisturizer!

I tried the Lavender/Mint 2-in-1 on my newly dry winter skin, using a generous amount on my body, and a significantly smaller amount on my face, which the directions indicate. I was pleasantly surprised at how non-abrasive & gentle this scrub was. It was a light exfoliation- which was just what I needed….but the main purpose for using this scrub would ABSOLUTELY be the moisture. ( I have combination/oily-skin, so would not recommend using on the face unless you have dry facial skin) I came out of the shower feeling as though i had a barrier of moisture that NO wind, cold or pollution could penetrate. I didn’t even need a moisturizer!

If you are looking for a more thorough scrub & exfoliation with less moisture- try Elizabeth Grant’s Vitamin C Body Scrub– $40 for 200ml (6.7 oz). The supreme exfoliation comes from actual pieces of orange peel & essential orange oils provide a slight moisturizer.

In the case of myCarey Ingredients: Lavendar/Mint scrub…the barrier comes from essential mint oils, while a major part of the exfoliation came from dried lavendar herb! The aroma was pungent and enjoyable, was the perfect morning pick-me-up (plus waymore hydrating than a cup o coffee). And it didn’t interfere with my perfume at all.

My skin felt revitalized and ready to face the day- awake & city-wind-tunnell-walk protected. I’m thinkin in the summer time I can just shake this HUGE 19oz. ( $40- order online here) jar to mix up the herbs and oils.. and use this as a great before the beach exfoliator–with a light and built-in tanning oil (and Surfer Friendly Scent- oo la la)

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  • Puh-leeze! $40 for a tub of salt? That is rich. Mineral oil in a salt scrub, not glycerin? I bet she slipped and fell in the tub! And it is award winning? Really, there’s an award for salt scrubs? If you’re gonna lie at least make it believable. Jeesh!

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