Instagram Trends: Duck Face Versus Fish Gape

instagram fish gape
Written by Gary

Girls all over Instagram are replacing their ‘duck-lips’ with the more popular ‘fish gape’.

instagram fish gape

If its one thing you can count on, it’s that young girls on Instagram will find new ways to present their lips in the most ridiculous way possible while attempting to be utterly sexy.

Everyone knows what ‘duck lips’ are. They existed before Kim Kardashian, I promise, but to make this post idiot-proof, ‘duck lips’ are where girls push out both their lips in order to make their mouths look as inviting to dicks as possible.

A new trend, called the ‘fish gape’ has recently emerged, and I have to say it is definitely more attractive, but equally a sign that ‘fucking stupid’ wins the internet.

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The fish gape is a pose with the lips open, showing just enough teeth so people know you aren’t from Arkansas. The goal is to look like you are inhaling sharply, right before some random guy from Tinder penetrates your B with his D.

Say what you will about the pose, but Gigi Hadid does it, and I am personally of the camp that Gigi Hadid is the voice of the younger generation, and can do no wrong. But seriously, take a look at all these Hollywood ‘IT’ girls doing the fish gape. Don’t they all look like their bodies are about to be ravaged by Jared Leto (man bun optional)?

instagram fish gape

instagram fish gape

instagram fish gape

instagram fish gape

RIP Duck Lips. #MissYouAlready

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