Japanese Hospital Food Looks Super Extra

Written by Bryce

Japanese hospital food is here to kick our lame American sandwich asses.

Giving birth in an American hospital usually results in a tray full of lame toast, powder-form mashed potatoes, unidentifiable brothy stuff, Jello, and if you’re lucky, a little carton of milk. Suggesting you’re a vegan or keep kosher or have any other dietary restrictions could land you with a single banana and little else. Japan is different, though. The nation responsible for Toyota minivans, Aoshima Island (the one full of adorable fuzzies and no humans), and unicorn ice cream is also responsible for Japanese hospital food: and it looks deliciously gourmet.

Japanese women are showered with regular gourmet meals during their hospital stays, and one recent postpartum mom actually uploaded her 12 Japanese hospital meals to imgur to give us lowly westerners an idea of how good it is to be Japanese.

Can we just talk about the chicken, miso soup, and cabbage salad lunch option? America, c’mon now. And just look at this fish and braised veggies dish. Japanese hospital food makes us kind of excited to get checked in. That fruit actually looks fresh, too, which is a far cry from the “diced fruit in thick syrup” cups that seem to make their way to our Western trays. Vomit.

If all that wasn’t enough, here’s the final proof that Japanese hospital food is the world’s best — sushi grade salmon, miso soup, sticky rice, some type of drool-worthy salad, and even silken tofu.

We’re insanely jealous of you, Japanese women. What next, a decent maternity leave without tons of stress?

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