The Queen of England’s Favorite Song is Actually American

Written by Bryce

The Queen of England’s favorite song will probably surprise you.

The Queen of England may give off the fanciest, most royal vibes in the world, but her musical taste is a lot more relaxed. In fact, an insider recently told The Sun that her favorite song of all time is a classic tune by The Beach Boys. Yes, those beach boys straight off last century’s American shores. This info is even better than the time the Queen got green-screened.

We’ll grant you major points if you already know which one, but in the off chance you’re not totally up to speed on the Queen’s favorite song choices (gasp), we’ll let you in on the secret: California Girls.

“According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, who has released a new book about the Queen and Prince Philip called My Husband and I, Her Majesty’s favourite song is the Beach Boys classic California Girls.”

We didn’t see it coming. Everyone loves that song, obviously, but now just take a minute to imagine Her Majesty, the best femme suit wearer of all time, busting a move to that summery classic. Can you see it? We hope so, because what a glorious image. Now that we know the Queen of England’s favorite song, we’re going to do some digging to find out what her favorite Netflix series is. Stay tuned.

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