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Written by Bryce

There’s a lot of jewelry out there in the world, but if you’re a lady of taste and style you’d probably rather not be caught dead in 90 percent of it. I mean, costume jewelry is basically the heavens’ gift to ladykind, but unless it’s done right, you may as well just be dragged through 5th Avenue with a giant sign saying “my wardrobe begins and ends at Forever21, and I’m definitely not 21.” And no one wants that. So, I present to you my absolute top picks for timeless, glam-simple-chic, and shockingly affordable baubles. And no, you will not find a single thing from Walmart on this list. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have strayed to the absolute most wrong article for you, ever.

1. Subscribe to Rocksbox. In the event you like quantity more than anything else, and the ability to wear new, dazzling pieces like all the time (to give people the impression that your boyfriend is so freakishly in love with you that you’re gifted a new piece like every other week), this is your slow jam. For as little as $15 a month this subscription jewelry service will send you 3 super cute designer pieces to rock (haha, I love puns) for up to 60 days. If you love your pieces, sure, you can buy them… but most gals are obsessed with the idea of sporting new pieces every few weeks. Shipping is included in the fee, by the way, and if you’re the math-y type, it costs $180 for an entire year. You wear 36 pieces of jewelry in a year for the price of owning one normal piece. People, that’s some scary beautiful black magic.

(image via my fab friend SelftanQueen)

2. Get personal. I’ve been wearing the same tiny, little silver nameplate necklace for almost four years now. I only change it if I’m getting seriously glammed up for an event or shimmying into a silky something. But, for 90 percent of my days, I wear a silver nameplate that is hand-engraved with my son’s name in Hebrew. Since I just had a little girl a few months ago, I ordered a new one to spell out “Rivkah” in Hebrew, too. It’s sort of special to have their names pressed against my heart at all hours of the day, whether I’m near or far, and the pieces Sima Gilady makes are out of this world (and affordable, too). I also wear a silver ring she custom-made for me (and almost everything is under $100) with the names of my children and husband, written in English. If you’re a “I wear the same pieces almost every day” or a sentimental kind of gal, this is beyond special. Can’t get enough. Check out

3. You’re a flashy, trendy girl? LOVE IT. When I’m in the mood to jazz things up a bit (cocktail dresses, work events, TV appearances, etc) I almost always turn to ML Accessories for something bold. They’re known for their spunky, expensive-looking-but-not-costing statement pieces that add the pop to any outfit. Owner Monique Leshman is known for dressing every celeb from here to Beyonce, so you know it’s good. Check this bad boy out, $28 to disco cuff heaven:

4. A little spirituality goes a long way. Which is precisely why I love the brand story behind BudhaGirl. Each piece is crafted with loving, healing energy and includes some type of spiritual message that’ll keep you floating on positive vibes throughout the day. I love this, because every time you look down at your wrist or feel your neck, you’ll be reminded to keep pushing ahead for a beautiful, peaceful, and glorious life. In this chaotic world, it doesn’t hurt to have a little affirmation on us at all times. Did I mention the pieces are super cute, too? These Buddhist Prayer bangles come in a large stack for $110, and are all-weather (so they’ll last a fabulously long time, like a spiritual soul):

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