Jews and Arabs Get a Discount for Dining Together

hummus bar
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A restaurant in Israel gives Jews and Arabs who eat together a 50% discount.

hummus bar

Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you know about the conflict between Israel and Palestine (insert scared emoji of the millions of crazies on the Internet ready to attack just for posting this article). There have been a lot of efforts to try and quell the tension between the warring countries of that part of the world, including Bryce’s own initiative, Hummus not Hamas.

32-year-old Kobi Tzafrir owns the ‘Hummus Bar’ in Tel Aviv, and is doing his part for the effort by offering a half-off discount to Arabs and Jews who dine together. His ‘chick-peace’ initiative has brought lots of Jews and Arabs to his restaurant, so his belief that hummus can bring the world together is obviously a pretty popular opinion. His goal is to show that not all Arabs and Jews support violence in that region.

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Tzafrir says his proudest moment was when a Muslim and a Jewish officer came into Hummus Bar and ate together.

If only we had more people like Tzafrir out there, peace in the Middle East might actually be attainable.

hummus bar

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