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8 Best Airplane Snacks to Stay Healthy

Written by andy

These are your best airplane snack bets to arrive healthy and whole at your destination.

Traveling can be exhausting! You can spend hours sitting in the airport, waiting to take off, and stressing about when you can disembark from the plane. In all this, it’s hard to be sure that you’re eating right! But if you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape, you need to make sure to eat the right way. Here are the best airplane snacks to stay healthy:

  1. Trail mix — Trail mix can be a bit hit or miss. Some trail mix contains a lot of candy (M&M, Reese’s Pieces, etc.), and this is the trail mix you definitely want to avoid. Then there’s the kind that contains nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and other healthy, natural ingredients. A bit of all-natural trail mix (with no added sugary treats) can be a good choice for a quick source of nutrients.
  2. Water –– Don’t be tempted by the juice, soda, or other beverages offered on the plane. If they’re serving refreshments, order water and NOTHING else. It will help to cut calories, and you’ll get all the hydration you need without adding sugar or calories to your sluggish digestive system.
  3. Protein bars –– It’s fairly rare that the airline will have protein bars on the menu, but it’s worth checking. There may be a few options (like Clif bars) that will be a somewhat healthy option. If you know the airline won’t have, bring your own!
  4. Kale chips –– With the recent attention placed on eating healthy by the media, it shouldn’t surprise you to discover that many airlines are now offering healthy meal options. Kale chips may very well be on the menu, though they’ll cost extra. If they don’t have them on the plane, look for them at one of the concession stands around the airport.

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  1. Granola bars –– Yes, these may be barely on the healthy side of a candy bar, but it’s still a better option than actually eating candy. Look for the granola bars that contain the least amount of sugar and artificial ingredients, and find a high nutritional content! Once again, check the airport–the options aboard the plane are limited.
  2. Snack pack –– A number of airlines offer snack packs that will have a few healthy options. Some will contain fruits (grapes, apple slices, fruit salad, etc.), along with cheese, crackers, lunch meats, etc. Find the packs that provide healthier, lower-fat cheeses, healthy lunch meats (like smoked turkey breast), and, if possible, whole wheat crackers. If there are no whole wheat crackers, just skip the cracker altogether!
  3. Plantain Chips –– Just about every airplane will offer Sun Chips on the menu (though some will charge extra if you want them instead of Doritos). If you want a somewhat healthy snack option, this is pretty much as healthy as it gets for chip-like foods. You will want to limit yourself to just one bag, but it’s a decent way to have something to eat while flying.
  4. Salad –– If you’re looking for a truly healthy meal, stop at one of the MANY airport concession stands and look for the ones that offer pre-packaged salads. Most will come with high-calorie dressings (like Ranch or Caesar), but you can usually ask for Italian, Vinaigrette, or some other lower-calorie dressing. You can take the salad on the plane to enjoy it during your flight. Best of all, find a salad that has grilled chicken breast included. That way, you’ll fill up and be less likely to snack!

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