Just Chill Out, Like Me.

Written by Bryce

This past Friday night I was just relaxing at home with Benny, partially because it’s nice to just chill out once in a while, and partially because I didn’t have a sitter so I could attend the rock show of a close friend (argh, what I’d give to get out and dance till the wee hours).

He Just Sorta Chills

Benny Just Sorta Chills

So, I decided I would make the most intense meal ever, which in this case was a several-hour potroast, down a bunch of some delicious HoneyDrop, and play with my wee one.  I happen to love slightly sweet beverages (Snapple is way beyond my tolerance, for example), so HoneyDrop’s mild sweetness, organic ingredients, and fun flavors keep me coming back for more.  I’m not gonna lie, I got a little excited and decided to experiment.  As it turns out, HoneyDrop is pretty delicious as a mild mixer and makes a killer low-cal cocktail to accompany potroast.  I happen to love the “bee alive” variety which is infused with blood orange, because it mixes well with just about anything… especially a little vodka and some fresh lemon juice!  At only 80 calories, this drink always puts me in a fab mood:)

HoneyDrop, delishhhh!

HoneyDrop, delishhhh!

Afterwards, I indulged in a long hot bubble bath spiked with Dionis suds… they’re a triple act, serving as bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash all in one bottle, with one amazing smell.  Sometimes I just open the bottle to take a whiff.  Each bottle is packed with vitamins, aloe, and veggie proteins so you’ll get all the bathtime nourishment you could ever ask for (I mean, unless you want a massage or something… that’s about all this bottle won’t do).  And, for under $12 a bottle… your bathtime will be more recession-friendly!

Dionis "Kind" 3 in 1 wash!

Dionis 3 in 1 Wash!

Between all the good cookin’, sweet cocktails, bubble bathing, and the baby being asleep… It ended up being a pretty exciting night if you catch my drift!

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