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Just Throw It In The Bag

Written by Steph

Get your Walk of Shame on in style.

Are you as over summer as I am? Truth be told, my birthday is in autumn & I’m anxious to make the b-day big bucks. Whatever your reasoning is, let us embrace over our mutual hatred for humid weather and indulge in all of the magicality (made this word up) fall has to offer. Like this bag:

Objects in blog post are larger than they appear.

I already have this Galian hobo in the queue for my favorite season (I’m waiting to bust it out because I’m trying to downplay my emo nature with seasonally appropriate accessories until summer dies off). If you’re in the market for a HUUUUGE bag in which to throw everything you own, look no further. At $85, this is the quintessential morning after bag: roomy and secretive enough to hide things like mouthwash, babywipes, fresh undergarments– you name it. The Walk of Shame never felt so good.

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