Justin Bieber 3.0

This kid makes me feel really unaccomplished in life.

Okay so I saw this video at around 8pm last night and it had 149k viewers.  I just logged on to show my friend Jen and it has 1.2 MILLION!!!  This video is going more viral than herpes at a sorority house.  Take my word for it, hes a trillion times more talented than Justin Bieber with the same tousled locks that made him make little girls cry.  Plus, hes got the pipes that would make even Lady Gaga herself bow down and praise this kid.  Did I mention he’s in SIXTH GRADE!!  Way to make me feel so unaccomplished, kid.  Watch it over and over.  I guarantee he’ll be on the Ellen show by next week.
PS- check out the blond in the background giving him the sexy lip-bite. She totally wants him.

UPDATE: Look here as Greyson Michael Chance performs on the Ellen Show from today.  I guess I called this one pretty good!

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