Kim Kardashian Sweats Line Makes Us Want to Get Cozy

kim kardashian sweats, skims
Written by Fareeha Shahid

Kim Kardashian sweats are officially a thing. She just dropped serious coziness in her shapewear line, and we’re definitely here for it! Adding it to our list of the best gifts for women in their 20s immediately. Check!

Ready your Netflix, Kim Kardashian sweats are super soft

KKW decided to break the internet once again by introducing her line of luxury comfort wear, The Cozy Collection, and gave us a reason to splurge on cozy self-care.

After Kim Kardashian revealed the news on an Instagram post wearing a gorgeous matching ivory set of the Kim Kardashian Sweats, she humbly stated that the cozy collection will mostly be based on items that she prefers to comfortably roam around in. She went as far as to declare that the fabric is so soft, we might just die when we feel it. (Cant die though, manager’s gonna be pissed.)

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Robe


Kim Kardashian West is not here to play 

Unless the games are nap-related and at home? If you’re wondering, here’s how often you should wash your sheets.

While promoting her new SKIMS line on Jimmy Fallon’s show, we got a sneak peek into her body-hugging shapewear devotion when she publicly showed her google search, “Is shapewear with pee-hole better?” Deep research, Kim. Doing the Lord’s work.

It turns out Kim’s science-based research landed her in ultra-buttery loungewear heaven.

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Short, Cozy Knit Robe

Kim Kardashian’s new line of sweats and loungewear, Skims

Snuggles are softer with the Cozy Collection

The Cozy collection features four gorgeously comfortable items: a tank top, shorts, pants, and a robe which is smooth enough to absorb all your troubles. Created with the best yarn, these Kim Kardashian sweats are comfortably breathable and easy to care for. The best part about the Kim Kardashian sweats, apart from the obvious home-worthy glam vibe, is the fact that it is sized from XXS to 5X.

Kim loves all shapes and sizes and her shapewear line has truly been proof of that.

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Tank

The line comes in four stunningly nude shades— Bone, Dusk, Cocoa, and Onyx. My favorite of them is Cocoa because let’s face it — it’s flattering on everyone.

Super comfy wins winter wardrobes

The SKIMS robe is giving us rich snow-queen vibes who has inherited millions from her rich auntie and now lives off the money by wearing nothing but the coziest knit robes which are long enough to curl up in.

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Robe

Image source: SKIMS

Here’s the catch though — the robe comes with two pockets to keep your hands, phone, and other doodads in. Ladies, can I get a HELL YEAH? Pockets are fashion gold, so clearly we’re excited about this. A close second is the Kim Kardashian sweats staple knit shorts — easy to wear at home or for a quick coffee run and easy-peasy to wash.

SKIMS Cozy Knit Robe($128)

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy White Knit Robe


Feel free to wear this over the softest women’s pajamas you already own, obviously.

SKIMS Cozy Knit Pants($88)

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Brown Knit Pant Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Pant
SKIMS Cozy Knit Shorts($58)

Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Black knit short I’m sorry, did someone say something about comfy athleisure shorts? Kim Kardashian Sweats, Cozy Knit Short SKIMS Cozy Knit Tank ($52)


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