Lady Gaga Used To Be “Normal?”

Written by Emily

From good student Stefani Germanotta to good and crazy Lady Gaga.

What’s funny about these “shocking” Lady Gaga photos is that she looks normal.  For anyone else, these pictures are pretty tame.  While I love me some Lady Gaga, it is kind of saddening that coming from the girl that proclaims her chastity and being an individual, might just be doing it for drama effect?  Sure, people change throughout college, but this is a tad extreme.  A friend reveals exclusively to InTouch that “forget the sparkles, glitter and crazy headdresses. ‘She mainly wore jeans and T-shirts.'”

Do you think that Stefani Germanotta really has morphed into this giant tampon wearing fashionista or is doing it as a product of the entertainment industry?  One thing that cannot be denied is her talent, whether or not she had to resort to wearing Kermit to get noticed.  Thanks to InTouch Weekly for these amazing photos!

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