Let Jean Paul Gaultier Get You Wet.

Written by Lana
Pret-A-Porter bottles


Pret A Porter


Its quite simple you see… close your eyes and picture a New York Fashionista; thin, ray ban sunglasses, stilettos, big brown hermes bag that matches her beautiful thin silk dress as she walks with the wind on her hair down 5th ave.

Im guessing that was fairly easy to imagine, now lets make it a little bit more interesting with a really nice twist to the story..scratch that 5th Ave and lets say the Arizona Dessert…hmm…thats a bit more difficult. Shes sweating, her louboutins are getting sand all over them, shes upset with her hair messed up and tangled and she is NOT drinking water from the floor I mean..she CANT! but then as she glares at the sun, there it is, a beautiful oasis…a HOT sweaty man sitting in a little mesmerizing pool drinking water from a beautifully crafted glass bottle that reads ” Jean Paul Gaultier” in cerulean blue letters, and under it.. ” EVIAN”.  now THAT tops 5th avenue doesn’t it??

Seems almost too good to be true, but it is TRUE yet the true part about this story is the bottle of Evian by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER.

This French designer teamed up with Evian to create a line of both ” Haute Couture” and ” Pret-a-porter” bottles! The pret-a-porter bottle is available at for only $13.99! The design of the bottle is worth keeping and you can also purchase case of 12 bottles!!

You might be wondering what about the Haute Couture….ambitious ambitious little one… but unfortunately, the Haute Couture bottles have other plans. With only 5 of them touring around the world, they expect to have booked their flight back to Paris at the beginnings of April where there will be auctioned and all the funds of these amazing sculptural bottles will be given to wetland preservation!!!

Haute Couture

Haute Couture

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