Lexus Unveils Origami Car

lexus origami car
Written by Gary

Lexus has introduced a fully-functional cardboard car.

lexus origami car

Even though a lot of people say a Lexus is just a Toyota dressed up like a classy broad, I have always liked them. Those little hard top convertibles are still really cutesy, even though you probably have to have spina bifida to sit in the back seat.

Regardless of whether you like Lexus or not though, you have to admit that the idea of a fully functional, driveable, cardboard car is pretty damn cool.

Made out of slices of cardboard glued together on an aluminum frame, the ‘origami car’ is a replica of the IS sedan, and was created as a tribute to the thousands of skilled men and women who work on the Lexus production lines.

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The car comes with fully fitted interiors, working doors, functioning headlights, and wheels. It took 1,700 sheets of 10-mm cardboard, five people, and 3 months to create the model, and the entire thing is held together with water-based glue.

All in all, I would say this publicity stunt is a total success, as long as you don’t try and drive the ‘origami car’ in the rain.

Worst-case scenario, they could give it to a homeless person when they are done with it, and he or she could park it in a garage made out of a refrigerator box.

lexus origami car

lexus origami car

lexus origami car

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