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8 Healthiest Greens for Your Salad

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Wondering what the healthiest greens for your salad may be?

Salad greens are some of the healthiest foods on the planet, and definitely the ones you want to eat a lot of in order to maintain weight, get in shape, and stay healthy. But did you know that not all greens are created equal? Some are a lot healthier than others thanks to their vitamin, mineral, and fiber content.

Here are the healthiest greens for your salad:

  1. Kale — It’s certainly one of the healthiest greens you can add to your salad (or just about any other dish). Kale contains 4 times as much Vitamin A as your body needs in a single day, and over 1,368% of your DV of Vitamin K. It’s also packed with Vitamin C, iron, and folic acid, making it one of the best greens to eat if you want to be healthy!
  2. Spinach –– One of the best things about spinach is that it packs a nutrient punch, but isn’t as strongly flavored as kale or chard. You can enjoy the soft, delicate leaves and flavors of spinach any time and in any salad, but you’ll still get A LOT of iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins. It’s also an easy one to sneak into cheese sauces, smoothies, and other dishes not usually sprinkled with greens.
  3. Arugula –– It’s not as common a green as some of the others on this list, but it’s definitely a good option for any healthy salad. A single serving of arugula will give you 56% of the Vitamin K you need every day, along with 40% of the Vitamin A you need. It’s packed with healthy nutrients and, best of all, it’s incredibly low in calories.
  4. Romaine Lettuce –– Of all the types of lettuce, romaine is the best. It contains 164% of the Vitamin A you need on a daily basis, making it amazing for your skin, your hair, and your eyes. It’s also packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, along with folate and iron. The darker green the lettuce is, the healthier it is for you.

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  1. Parsley –– While parsley may be a bit strong in terms of flavor, it’s still one of your best choices for a healthy salad. Parsley is packed with chlorophyll, which will eliminate toxins and flush your body of harmful chemicals. Chlorophyll is heart-smart and liver friendly, making it a food you MUST add to your diet. If you don’t like the tangy Chinese parsley, you can use the European kind.
  2. Red Leaf Lettuce –– While red leaf lettuce isn’t as health-packed as Romaine lettuce, it beats iceberg lettuce every time. This type of lettuce has a lot of Vitamins A, C, and K, making it an amazing food to eat for a healthier body. It’s not the best source of iron and folic acid, but it does deliver enough of a nutrient punch to earn its place on this list.
  3. Chard –– Thick, dark, and high in fiber, chard is one of the healthiest of the dark, leafy greens. It has a stronger flavor and thicker texture than spinach, making it a less popular option. However, it has all the folic acid, iron, and vitamins that you get from spinach, so it’s definitely a good leafy green to add to your menu.
  4. Cabbage –– Cabbage is an incredibly low-calorie food, but it’s packed with the healthy fiber your body needs to function properly. Cabbage promotes weight loss and helps to improve your digestion. It’s a food that deserves its place on your menu. It’s also linked to fighting cancer, so that’s a huge side bonus we can all live with for a long time.


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