Make Things Smell Horrible with Liquid Ass

liquid ass
Written by Gary

Liquid Ass will make any room smell like crap with just a few sprays.

liquid ass

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt trapped? You wanted to leave with every fiber of your being, but your sister kept going on about how it was her wedding day, and she could have a total meltdown if she wanted to (just a for instance, of course). If you had some Liquid Ass on you, that crisis could have been averted. With one spray you could have cleared the room, and gone on to have a much deserved drink at the bar.

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Created by Alan Whitman and Andrew Masters, the one-of-a-kind spray combines notes of butt crack, sewer smell, and a hint of dead animal. Whitman originally used it to prank his teachers, but eventually realized he could make a killing if he mass marketed it to pranksters around the world.

Whitman and Masters have made a fortune off Liquid Ass, and now just work one hour a day fulfilling orders. It really goes to show you that sometimes, and idea you think totally stinks (pun intended) could end up making you a millionaire.

liquid ass

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