Loving Right Now: Fall Florals

Written by Bryce

Mixing traditional Fall colors with floral patters is easy chic, and fall florals are everywhere right now.

I’m not totally ready to give up my florals just yet (even if it is October), and frankly, I’m not sure there’s a single season that should be absent of good florals, anyway. The solution is just to mix floral patterns with richer Fall hues, colder weather accessory materials (like leather or wool), and some bright colored focal points. Fall florals are just everything this season.

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Here’s what I chose to make the look playful and cooler-weather appropriate:

1. A cute floral top. I chose this Princess Vera Wang floral top because the color palette is versatile, it’s easy to wear, and at $24.99 there’s literally not a single reason in the world not to buy it. It’s thicker than a tee but thinner than a traditional sweatshirt– perfect for the season. Available here.

2. A statement hat. Saks has the best hats, and this on sale now. The bright cobalt blue is fun with everything from denim to a flared LBD.

3. Calf hair flats. These pointy-toed calf hair flats by Ugg Australia are my new everything. They go with me on journeys through the land of denim all the way to dinner parties in bedazzled trumpet skirts. If you make one good shoe investment this season, these bad boys are it.

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