Magical Artwork Made of Nature

natural art
Written by Gary

Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates works of art with natural materials.

natural art

When it comes to art, I am always down for interesting pieces created by artists that are trying to speak to a cause. Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is one such artist. Goldsworthy creates his art by using found objects in nature, and arranging them in interesting ways, using paint to bring it all to life. His work has been called ‘transient’ and ‘ephemeral’, and people see it as a statement on the fragility of our planet, but Goldsworthy sees his pieces as a little more permanent, stating:

“When I make something, in a field or street, it may vanish but it’s part of the history of those places.”

Digital photography and the Internet probably helps a little with that ‘permanence’, but regardless of anything his art is beautiful, and the fact that it is created entirely from nature is something to be applauded.

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natural art natural art natural art natural art natural art

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