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Manolo Blahnik NYC store closing, Carrie Bradshaw cries  

manolo blahnik nyc
Written by Fareeha Shahid

Carrie Bradshaw spotted crying the tears of woeful melancholy as Manolo Blahnik closed its only free-standing boutique in New York City, leaving her in a sad state of affairs to find another shoe store. No more SATC chic fur heels without online ordering, friends.

Famed Manolo Blahnik NYC store has closed

On Thursday, the Spanish shoe designer decided to shut down the legacy of Manolo Blahnik NYC by shutting up the only U.S. store on West 54 Street. It was covered with brown paper and a sign that read “Thanks so much for being such great customers for the past 38 years.” Are you crying yet?

The shop held significance for the fans of the show Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was so much in love with the legendary shoe store that her fiancé, Big, proposed her with blue crystal-encrusted Manolo Blahnik heels there.

manolo blahnik nyc store closing


You won’t need to look far and wide to find your favorite Manolos if you’re in New York, thankfully. Though Manolo Blahnik NYC’s headquarters have shuttered, local high end retailers including Berfdorf Goodman will continue to stock the creative heels.

Fans and followers of the Manolo Blahnik believe that Carrie Bradshaw, who was a die-hard patron of crystal Manolo Blahnik shoes, would have been devastated at the sudden termination of brand HQ that she once spent $40,000 at. She loved the store enough that even went as far as to create a wedding registry in. We suppose those were the days before Instagram and all-things-internet, though.

Drama, drama, drama

Though we haven’t heard back from the president of Manolo Blahnik, Geoge Malkemus, sources tell us an internal falling out is what ultimately caused the Manolo Blahnik NYC store to close. The decision was made following a press statement by Malkemus which stated that Kristina Blahnik, niece of the designer Manolo Blahnik, offered intolerable partnership renewal terms. And so, like many other things and trends, the Manolo store went caput.

However, speaking with a representative of a leading news journal, CMO Carla Filmer stated, “We are looking at new retail opportunities across North America, and we may announce a new standalone location soon.” 

We are obviously confused, but hopeful. This is so Carrie/Big.

manolo blahnik nyc, carrie bradshaw wedding satc movie

Manolo Blahnik NYC was a melting pot of high profile names and faces over the years. Celebs including Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, and Anna Wintour frequented the Midtown shop in search of the perfect shoes.

Pour one out for the lost soles

While Carrie Bradshaw has to say goodbye to the Manolo Blahnik NYC headquarters, SJP will still enjoy the perks of her character’s shoe obsession. Parker remains partners in another shoe brand known as SJP Collection, which was launched as an homage to Carrie’s shoe devotion.

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