How to Master the Sunset Eyes Makeup Trend

Written by Allison

Sunset eyes are currently the biggest makeup trend on social media. Here’s how to nail the look.

Whenever we scroll through makeup masters on Instagram we get endless inspiration for new looks. This week’s inspo? Sunset eyes makeup. You know the look: bold colors that replicate a sunset right on your lids. This makeup trend was surprisingly easy to recreate, just follow along below. If you’re already rocking pink ombre hair, get excited, because you’re going to kill the matchy-matchy trend.

We always like to start off with a soft transition color in the crease of the eye. This is super helpful especially when working with bold shades so you get a gorgeous blend between colors. This barely there peach will mostly chill out under other shades but will do it’s duty as a blending buddy.

The first bold shade we’re blending in is a bright medium orange. We used a blending brush to slowly work up the orange shade just above the crease all the way from inner corner to outer edge. To make sure there is enough room for all the shades, keep each new color relatively thin so you don’t miss out on prime eyelid real estate for the next color.

To help blend the orange shadow with the next purple hue, we’re working in another transition shade. This dusky pink does the trick because it is warm enough to fuse together orange and purple. Place this shade just below the orange in the middle (horizontal) third of the eyelid. Are you excited to try this look with glitter eyebrows, or what?

Finally it’s time for the bright purple shade, which pairs super well with these makeup tips to reduce eye bags, btw. This is what really creates the sunset eyes look and has us totally drooling. Using a small firm brush pack on the purple from your lash line working upwards to meet up with the pink. We want the color to be strongest at the lash line and flow flawlessly into the transition shade. You can also work the purple under your lower lash line to polish this look.

Last step is a little more of the peachy transition shade to blend from the orange all the way up to the brows.

Sunset eyes, ahoy!

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