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Mens Gyms Are Becoming More Selfie Friendly

gym selfies
Written by Gary

Gym designers are changing tradition with luxury upgrades for selfie friendly locker rooms.

gym selfies

As a gay man, I have been in the ladies room of a JC Penney, so I know that there has always been a huge difference between the sexes when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms. Women’s locker rooms are outfitted with couches, tables, comfortable seating, and good lighting. Men’s locker rooms look like something out a Saw movie.

Back in the day, getting naked in a locker room was commonplace. Many of you probably don’t remember this, but they used to require you to shower, naked, in middle school, after gym.

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Thanks to whiny millennials however, locker room etiquette and decor is quickly changing. Selfie friendly changing spaces are finally becoming a thing, and that’s great news for the completely self-absorbed gymrat community.

The youth of today expects more from their gym memberships, since they grew up millennial, with all sorts of amenities that those of us who grew up without internet don’t expect. This cultural shift has led to a change in design, and mens locker rooms in gyms all over the country (but especially in New York) are paying more attention to aesthetics and luxuries. They are even paying way more attention to lighting, since we all have that friend who insists on taking gym selfies (and some of us are that friend). As our society gets more modern, things are bound to change. Men’s locker rooms are one thing that desperately needed a change, so for that, and that only, I am thankful for millennials.

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