Merman Hair is a Thing Now

merman hair
Written by Gary

Merman hair is the latest trend in men’s grooming.

merman hair

As an equal opportunity shit-talker, I like to talk about all sorts of trends, not just those that concern women. Men’s hairstyles are especially relevant to this website, because a lot of us out there love men, and its important to know what is going on in the universe of penis. We have covered bright colored beards, lumbersexuals, and man buns lately. The latest trend to come across our desk is called ‘merman hair’.

Basically, this means that guys are dying their hair outrageous colors with unabashed zeal.

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This trend is nothing new, since we basically all did this with either Koolaid or Manic Panic in middle school, but merman hair has never really been a widespread trend with men.

Say what you will about them, but I think a guy adding a little Jem and the Holograms flair to his look is kind of hot.

What do you think? Would you date a guy whose hair color can only be described as Crayola?

merman hair

merman hair

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