A Look Inside Michal Negrin’s Fantasy World

Written by Bryce

Michal Negrin is known for her whimsical, floral statement jewelry, and every chic girl owns at least a piece or two. I caught up with her to get the scoop on what inspires her and keeps her fantasy world going.

You probably own a piece of Michal Negrin’s timeless, happy jewelry already. In fact, her stores number so many (and in so many nations) that there’s a good chance you have received pieces from her Secret Garden-inspired line for birthdays, life moments, and romantic gestures. I had a chance to meet with Michal at her newest store in New York’s famous SoHo neighborhood– just down the street from CHANEL and a host of other labels that drive most women wild.

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“I grew up in Israel, on a kibbutz, at a time when conforming to the normal things was the most accepted,” Michal told me. “I had these fantasies of a life more colorful, like the flowers and nature dancing.” A kibbutz, for those of you who haven’t been to Israel, is a sort of communal work society. Good people, good food, good family atmosphere– but not necessarily the kind of place that fosters wild creativity.

Negrin took her fantasies to the fashion world early in adulthood. By the time she started working with metals, she was inspired to find the most colorful stones in the world for her collection. “My mother was a dancer, always doing something crazy and beautiful, and she inspired me to put that energy into my pieces. I wanted to bring all the beautiful colors together. That’s my commitment, to bring beautiful, happy colors to women.”

She seems to have honored that commitment with vigilance, boasting stores all over Israel, Europe, Asia, and North America. Her SoHo store is a virtual wonderland for women of delicate, feminine taste. The walls are dripping with flowery jewels, accessories, and her newly-launched fashion line. Even the ceiling flaunts a custom-made Michal Negrin chandelier (available for sale, and personally, it just might be the chicest thing any dining room could ever have), and the speakers play the Israeli-curated playlist Michal and her daughter, Jasmin Negrin, love so dearly.

For shoppers visiting New York, it’s a total must-see. It’s sandwiched perfectly between CHANEL, Dominique Ansel Bakery, The Aveda Institute, and so many other SoHo institutions.

Michal Negrin
151 Prince Street (at West Broadway)
New York, NY

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