Michelle: You’re a Subway Savior!

Written by Ashley

If NYC were the dairy aisle — this girl is a good egg.

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In true Ashley fashion, this evening, I was late for an appointment- flying through a downtown NYC subway station like a linebacker from one of those football teams that everyone keeps yappin’ about, nearly taking down every well-dressed biz man & bundled New Yorker in my path.  With an impatient streak that seems to come out in full force while underground, I swiped my unlimited MetroCard & bonked myself right through the wrong section of the floor to ceiling turnstile. The WRONG section. I gave 1/3 of the air within that turnstile a free ride to midtown. Having an unlimited ride MetroCard, with a 10 minute buffer time after each swipe, I inevitably knew what would happen next. But I put myself through another swipe just to make my impatient blood boil to cartoon steam-coming-out-of-ears status.

As I swiped again, to find the ‘JUST USED‘ message staring back at me – taunting me – I had to accept that it was over. (“My Name is Ashley, and I’m bad at public transportation” – holla at yo gurl if there is a support group out there for this?)  As I let out a sigh of extreme defeat & swung around to see what kind of damage I could do by purchasing a ‘Single Ride’ ticket – my subway savior appeared, having witnessed my doomsday attempt at proper turnstile use, offering me a swipe of her card. Honestly, in New York, this is one of the sweetest, most kind things one can do, in my book. Showing true selflessness & patience within a city filled with impatient idiots like me.  I was so happy, I could have cried tears of MTA joy to this adorable stranger!  I gladly accepted in the rush-hour hustle, and gushed of her Good-Samaritan skills. “What’s your name?” she asked, as she swiped her card.  I answered and she said that she recognized me and has been following TheLuxurySpot! This doomsday turned around in an instant. She gave me her name and I vowed to find her online to thank her- but within minutes of parting ways – I’d only had her name – and if Facebook didn’t work and Twitter wasn’t a sure thing, I’d have no other way to find her to show her my intense appreciation. Her keen eye for luxury journalism and subterranean savvy has taught me that there ARE good eggs in this city.

Michelle: You’re a Subway Savior! I would have begrudgingly purchased a single ride ticket & scowled all the way to my appointment, never having encountered you and your superb humanity skillz. Your kind gesture was very truly appreciated. You’re a good egg. Please comment on this post to get in touch so I can bake you “Thank You” treats. Like a pie, or cookies, or some sort of elaborate crumble. Whatever your sweet-tooth would like. Don’t like sweet thangs? I’ll cook you a turkey pot pie. You made my day!!!!! 🙂

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