The Most Expensive Cake Ever: A 75 Million Dollar Birthday Cake

75 million dollar birthday cake
Written by Gary

We’re 99% certain that this is the most expensive cake of all time because a family recently spent $75 million dollars on a birthday/engagement cake for their daughter.

75 million dollar birthday cake

We talk a lot about expensive things on The Luxury Spot, but this literally takes the cake (pun intended).

In a bid to make their daughter’s birthday and engagement extra special, an unidentified family from the UAE commissioned British designer Debbie Wingham to make the most expensive cake teeth can chew. The confection was based on a runway show featuring dresses she designed herself, and as you can see, the result is totally expensive and ridiculously tacky.

The six-foot-long affront to good taste everywhere was hand-crafted and took 1,100 hours to make.

As if that weren’t over the top enough, there were 17 precious stones on the cake, worth over 30 million pounds. These jewels included a 5.2 carat pink diamond, a 6.4 carat yellow diamond, 15 individual 5 carat white diamonds, and 4,000 smaller diamonds, amethysts, and emeralds.  The runway itself was made of 400 one-carat and 73 three-carat white diamonds, as well as 75 three-carat black diamonds.

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So basically, if you don’t choke on the price or the complete lack of elegance and taste, you will probably choke on a diamond worth more than your entire life, and die looking at the ugliest cake ever made.

Sometimes I look around at the world and think: Why?

Also, last I checked, that cake could likely feed half the the struggling Middle East. But what do I know?

75 million dollar birthday cake

75 million dollar birthday cake

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