Yasmina Rossi: Meet a 59 Year Old Fashion Model

yasmina rossi
Written by Gary

This 59 year old fashion model puts many younger models to shame.

yasmina rossi

Yasmina Rossi is basically my spirit animal. At the age of 59, Rossi is a highly sought after international model who has worked for Macy’s, AT&T, Mastercard, and Marks & Spencers.

She was born in France, started modeling in her late 20s, and got her big break in New York at the age of 45– which as everyone knows is exactly the opposite of the way most female models do it. Models in general, actually. Her beauty regimen is nothing special; she eats organic food, exercises, and uses grapeseed oil for her hair and skin. She also scrubs her skin once a week with olive oil and sugar, and eats an avocado every day.

Oh, AND she is a grandmother of 2. Suck on that for a moment.

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Perhaps the most unique thing about Yasmina Rossi is that she flaunts her wrinkles instead of fighting them, and says that she is happier now then she was in her 20s.

I wish I could say the same, but I started getting botox at 24, so that ship has sailed for me.

yasmina rossi

yasmina rossi

yasmina rossi

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