Movies to Terrify 20-Somethings

funny scary movies
Written by Gary

Twenty somethings aren’t scared of much, except these terrifying scenarios.

funny scary movies

I know this is going to make me sound like a crabby old bitch, but I can’t stand most 20-year-olds. You never think that you will get to a place where you can’t relate to people only 10 years younger than you, but I have arrived there, and it isn’t as bad as I thought.

My generation is pretty obsessed with technology and sex, but this younger generation takes it to a whole new level. Dating apps and meeting online have paved the way for the hookup culture and technology addiction. You have to ask yourself, where is the love? This younger generation also has access to any movie they want to watch at the tap of a finger. I used to have to troll Blockbuster video at night, that’s all I’m saying.

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My point is, with all this emotional stimulation, its harder and harder to actually scare 20-year-olds. If these movies actually existed though, they might just do the trick. Here are the best movies to terrify 20-somethings with:

funny scary movies

funny scary movies


funny scary movies


funny scary movies

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