MTV is Forcing White People to Face How White They Are

MTV is releasing a hilarious new documentary on white people and racism.

Ever since music became readily available on the Internet, MTV has really struggled to find its footing, especially since it has a very specific name, and a fan base that moved on eons ago (Dear Jenny McCarthy: Bye girl, bye).

Things have changed however, because MTV is releasing a new documentary about white people, facing how white they are and I think it is genius. With topics like ‘white frustration’ and ‘white privilege, I don’t see how MTV could really go wrong with this. It’s high time we realized how hard it is for young, white people out there just trying to make it in the world with nothing but their parent’s credit card, a brand new Nissan Sentra, and apartments that they never could have gotten without a guarantor.

Between Teen Moms and White People, MTV has successfully created some of the most ‘love to hate’ TV of all time. So I guess nothing has really changed. Does anyone else remember Singled Out? No? Me Neither.

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