Music Spotting: The Like “He’s Not A Boy”

Written by Casey

He’s Not A Boy That You Can Change – Nor Should You Want To

The perfect song to play when you are with your girlfriends or when you need some feminine power to remind you that you are a strong, beautiful, and independent woman. And if he doesn’t call you, or is just a jerk, you need to move on because it’s his problem. Take it from their opening lines of this song:

He’s not a boy that you can change, nor should you want to
He’s not a boy that you can tame, don’t let it taunt you
Don’t even try to to run away, he wouldn’t stop you
He’s not a boy that you can chain, I know you want to
And you can wait all night
You can wait all day but,

He’s not a boy that you can change

The Like is an all girl indie-rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their front girl Z (Elizabeth Berg) is the daughter of former record producer Tony Berg and the drummer Tennessee Thomas is the daughter of Pete Thomas, the drummer for Elvis Costello. Their last album Release Me came out in 2010 and proved that girls are better than boys. End of story.

The four ladies that make up The Like dress like the epitome of beauty in the 1960s circa-Brigette Bardot. Head to toe with bee-hive hair dos, black cat eyes, red lips, and little dresses. But don’t be fooled, they all have a look on their face that says I can drink you under the table and play my instrument better than anyone. Not only can these four total gorgeous babes rock harder than guys, but they look even hotter doing it. The Like is all about girl power, and we love them for that.

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