My Eyebrows Look Sho Good.

Written by Bryce

Thank you, Shobha.  Ashley and I happened upon your Columbus Cirle location about a week ago, and we’ve been floating on a cloud of smooth, hair-free satisfaction ever since.

Ashley and I are as mismatched in the complexion department as you can get.  Ashley is the poster child for Irish girls that burn easily, and I happily check the “other” box on forms that inquire about my race.  Ash’s fine blondish hair is the same on her eyebrows, so she can go a few extra weeks without a touch-up of any sort. I, on the other hand, require the gentle threading love and attention that only a highly-trained Indian woman can provide.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with threading, or haven’t tried it, it’s easy peezy and you need to hop aboard this hair-free train.  Threading uses the same concept as tweezing or waxing: get the damn hair out by the root.  The difference is that it’s as precise as tweezing the hairs individually for the sake of a good shape and arch, but with the quick, less painful appeal of waxing.  Video example below:

Typically I’ve been going for threading once every 3-4 weeks (I’m never diligent about showing up every other week as recommended), and apparently I had been going to the wrong person until I met Shashi at Shobha Columbus Circle.  She actually took the time to show me exactly what shape I SHOULD have, what I currently have, and how we were going to correct it.  Bless you, Shashi, because by the time I got out of your chair just a few minutes later, my eyebrows looked 100% better (and I didn’t think they were that bad before).  The best part of having amazing eyebrows is that they’re like the perfect black dress, they go with everything and you don’t need much else to look great.  When your eyebrows are looking good, you can pull off wearing much less makeup, and your eyes are naturally pulled upward (presenting a more rested appearance).

Eyebrow threading is simple, almost painless, and at Shobha, you can have an expert give you the perfect shape for just $20.  I’m in love.

After the threading experience, if you’re prone to redness or just want the most heavenly smelling toner ever, I suggest wiping your whole brow area with Shobha’s Rosewater Toner.  It’s just $22 for a full 8 ounces of sensory heaven, and will instantly reduce skin irritation, redness, and clogged pores.

Speaking of redness and irritation… it’s AMAZING after a bikini wax.

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  • I have seen it done on friends but never tried it myself…
    Looks definitely less painful than waxing (which I’d rather stay away from)
    Thx for sharing!!

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