Don’t Do it With a Dog. Ever.

Written by Bryce

Here at The Luxury Spot, we encourage our friends and readers to be sexually satisfied people.  That’s why we bring you stories about bj’s, role playing, toy recycling, and other such fun.  However, we never EVER encourage ANYONE EVER to do it with a dog.  Or any other animal (and to the sickos out there, we think sticking to humans is the only way to go).

So we’re sad to report that a man by the name of Brandon Vongthongthrip has been sticking it to a pitbull.  I’m not I can say that I expected anything positive from a douchebag with the word “thong” actually in the middle of his surname, but I can tell you this: obviously he was raping a lame pitbull.  What happened to pitbulls being ferocious fighters?!

The 20 year old Vongthongthrip has apparently had sex with his dog over 400 times during the past 5 years, according to authorities in Oregon. He’s been charged with 200 counts of aggravated animal abuse and 200 counts of sexual assault of an animal.

…hooray for the internet, apparently doggie porn is how this guy was caught.

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