My Top 5 Reasons to Cocolada

Written by Ashley

Rio De Oo La La Your Hair with Rio de Keratin’s Cocolada Straightening Treatment

My progression from over-processed, too long between trims, fried like the french, hair was becoming too much for me to handle.  My cut appointment in the distant future, due to busy schedules on both my part and the salons, I was in desperate need of a fix that didn’t involved bobby pins, hats & a “beachy wave” look that wasn’t fooling anyone.  I needed something more serious. A TREATMENT, if you will, that would repair, fortify, condition & de-frizz my mane. Such was a time to try the Rio de Keratin At-Home Brazilian Cocolada Treatment.  Yup, it was serious.


Below, you will find the progression from my fried frizz, to my after straightening flowing locks, to my after straightening, after showering, after AIR-DRYING waves.  It’s heaven, I tell ya.


My Top 5 Reasons To Indulge in the Rio de Keratin At-Home Cocolada  Treatment:

1.) It’s Time & Cost Effective: After months of my hair eating up tons of beach sprays, oils, conditioners & brushes, I was fed up with the amount of time & money that had gone in to my hair beautification process each day. My time spent trying to, for lack of a better phrase… work out the kinks,  is now better suited with drinking a cup of coffee and catching up on early morning Saved By the Bell, while my hair air-dries to perfection. My last memories of my ability to do this was back when I got the in-house Brazilian straightening treatment, initially made my hair pin straight, but eventually washed out to my wavy liking. But, for $450, and my constantly having to reschedule said appointment around my life, another round of this would have killed my waves…and my bank account.  I’m happy to spend the measlly $100 for the Rio de Keratin treatment, and do it on my own time. Perhaps, even, while watching Saved by the Bell.

2.) It’s Easy!: Although my friend, LuxSpot maven & follicular confidant, Steph performed this procedure on me, to aid in the demonstration for Rio de Keratin’s tutorial vid ( find it here, and “Like” it!),  I would definitely be able to administer this treatment myself. It’s a quick wash, spray, blowdry & straighten process that I can do at any time of day in my own bathroom. No salon appointment necessary.However, this stuff is so goof-proof that I would highly recommend having a rad girls night, including copious amounts of wine & Cyndi Lauper, to get the straightening party started.

3.) I am no longer being mistaken for Spicoli: My hair is seriously smooth, easy to brush, and even easier to straighten, if I’m feelin’ like straigh hair. My box-dyed color is more rich color than my before-treatment mop of hair, and it just seems to get more and more healthy with my use of the Rio de Keratin recommended sulfate free shampoo & conditioner.   My days of beach-bum locks are behind me.

4.) It’s natural… and smells delish: This stuff is infused with natural keratin, coconut oil & vitamin E, so you know it’s going to heal, soothe & totally fortify your hair with health. No chemicals, no harsh smells & no effects on the skin involved, so it’s perfect for those who have color treated hair. It’s even safe for ladies who are preggers!  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the smell…. I do believe my description of the scent, after 3 or so glasses of wine, mentioned  “island-y piña coladas” and I meant every slightly intoxicated word.  Having to wait 24 hours, by the Rio de Keratin guidelines, to wash my hair again was welcomed. I wanted to scent to last forever.

5.) Dudes dig it: The male contingency here at, and beyond have each run their fingers through, and conquered my baby soft hair. Approval rate: a solid 100%. I’m fairly sure my chances of a summer romance have increased tremendously! Just imagine. My romantic tousled hair and feminine sundress flowing in the warm summer breeze, while my tanned gentleman frolicks beside me, hand in hand, on the beach. Doesn’t look too far off, if you was me.  Well, maybe the waves & the sundress, and the beach (read: Coney Island?) part.

Needless to say, I’m sold on this stuff.

For more info on where to get it, and what it’s all about – find them on Twitter @rdkhair, on Facebook where you can see my film debut in the Rio de Keratin tutorial video  & on their website at

The full kit, out in August, will be available on $100

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