New Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Tech is Genius

Written by Bryce

If you haven’t seen the new Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech debuts, you need to. So here goes:

Let me start by saying that there are about 120,988 wearable tech companies out there right now. The vast majority of them put out ugly products that don’t actually improve the quality of life by any stretch.

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Rebecca Minkoff, however, is taking you from your usual fringy purse game with her to that “oh crap I forgot my lightning cable, but no worries because it’s in my cutesy bracelet” moment. Yes. Truth. I’ll explain.

Here are details on the 2 new Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech options, and frankly, the latter is my favorite because I might actually use it about 14 times a day:

The Notification Bracelet is a gold chain-link bracelet with pyramid studs. The $120 accessory alerts the wearer to calls and texts via Bluetooth pairing with the consumer’s mobile device. It programs up to 25 contacts and will vibrate when the wearer receives an important alert.

The Lightning Cable Bracelet, priced at $58, is a black leather bracelet, adorner with the brand’s signature flat gold stud and a gold clasp that hides connectors. The cable bracelet converts into a USB connector to charge and sync your iPhone. The gold clasp hides the USB connectors so that no one will be able to see the bracelet’s technological capabilities.

The bracelets were designed with the fashion forward girl in mind- to the naked eye, observers wouldn’t know either of the bracelets contain any technological capabilities.

Both  are available for purchase at Rebecca Minkoff Stores and

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